Kahin Toh……..

Kahin to.. kahin to
Hogi wo,
Duniya jahan tu mere saath hai..

Jahan mein, jahan tu,
Aur jahan, bass tere mere jazbaat hai,
Hogi jahan subah teri,
Palko ki, kirano mein,
Lori jahan chand ki,
Sune teri baahoin mein..

Jaane naa kahan wo duniya hai,
Jaane naa wo hai bhi ya nahi,
Jahan meri zindagi mujhse,
Itni khafa nahi..

P.S. Plan to get back to blogging soon. Get ready for the most mind-blowing crap I always dish out. 😀

For now, couldn’t get this song out of my head. So posting it just to remind you I still have the same awesome taste. 😛

Also, I realized leaving a comment is so much pain sometimes. You have to read the complete shit, decipher hidden meanings, come up with your interpretation, admonish the author for his stupid ideas pretending to like the post at the same time. And then they ask you to enter the captcha and everything. So, I will simplify it for you. Please no need to leave any comments. You can now directly contribute to my Savings A/c No. 0008290018920.

With a heart full of malice

Waiting to drink from the holy chalice


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