Go-ogle Me

Here is a list of keywords people used to reach this blog. I need to do a few more raunchy posts to increase the traffic. The only thing I don’t understand is why on earth people are searching “Anant Vidur Puri”?


mathematical poem

sperma 10
kitne pakistan 7
sperma+simply j 6
sex+mumbai 5
+copmin iit delhi 5
aaj ka rashifal 5
mathematical poems 4
\”kitne pakistan\” 4
utaran 3
jindal 3
baba ramdev 3
http://www.exotic.wordpress.com 3
“anant vidur puri” 3
orkut internship 3
ragging at iit and geetanjali 3
yeh toh bada toing hai 3
http://www.exotic.wordpress.com 3
nanga nahana 3
funny lines on seniors in office mass bunking 3
buildin a resume 2
exotic.wordpress.com 2
beti sex storey 2
“o you evil” anagram 2
neha dhupiya 2
yauvan ki kahaniyan 2
sometime we need to go through hell to get to heaven 2
kurta impressions 2
aatankvaad 2
3 mathematical poem 2
ndtv barkha dutt 2
that thing called love tuhin sinha 2
kumaon iit 2
cherished impressions 2
swapna phal 2
poems about first crush impressions 2
php100 iit 2
aaj tak sansani news 2
bindass calender 2
anant vidur puri 2
“meri palkon par saja de” 2
rashifal 2
“noise of india” funny 2
prem rog 2
iitian “faith and religion” 2
khushboo porns 2
fuck mandira bedi+timepass+ravi khanna 2
tona totka 2
anmol & shambhvi, g talk 2


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