Just a few lines…

Started writing with some theme in mind. Ended up writing just two stanza which could well be titled “Short Poems from my Deathbed…”

Life is like a preamble to death
Life is but a painful journey to death,
So why shouldn’t death be a celebration of life,
Like farmers dance in the spring to celebrate their toil,
Life is my mother, death my wife.

Flashes is all I see
Flashes of pain, longing and anguish
Flashes of love, lust and fetish
Flashes of time spent out with you
Flashes of time spent without you.

7 responses to “Just a few lines…

  1. @vrinda
    Death is a theme which most people are not comfortable reading about. Though I do agree that as this is an incomplete piece, it fails to put it in right perspective. Didn’t intend to post it but just did so for the heck of it. I, however, like this one, especially the line, Life is my mother, death my wife which is a nice play on the common joke, “mother gives life, wife death’.

  2. Perhaps if it had been complete, it would be better. I still like where the thought is going, but the abrupt end kills it. Funnily enough, that could well be the irony of this piece- its sudden death. 🙂

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