Maybe that’s too strong a word.
Let me start again.
My life was a barren piece of land
You came in it like the rain.

The cracks started to fill in
Your soft touch healed all my pain.
I drank to my health
From your youth’s musical fountain.
The seeds of love were sown
And the desert now looked like a plain.

But then one day
You came with an axe
Saying I was encroaching upon your domain.
But sweetheart, you didn’t really need to cut me down
Cuz I died in the first drizzle of your words’ acid rain.

And the land is barren again
Maybe that’s too weak a word
(And you said that nothing that’s weak ever remains
Perhaps the only true statement you ever made)
So, let me rephrase this sixain
I feel Desiccated, Desecrated, Debased.

P.S. * Spelling corrected. Thanks to V. 🙂

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