As it happens…

Has been quite a while. So thought maybe will update you people about what I have been up to. College is over (after five long years) now and I have already joined office. The first three weeks of corporate life are over and thankfully am not yet bored. I am a pretty boring person by myself but somehow weirdness never fail to chase me down and make my life interesting (atleast on paper).  Some random instances from the last 3 weeks…

1. There is no dress code in my office. Yay! And with just one girl (HR, age 29) in the office, I can as well go in shorts. Still, I am keeping it to T’s and Jeans for now. There is no attendance, people generally come around eleven, there is lots to eat etc etc. Everything is pretty cool about the office but there is one thing which has been bothering me non stop from the very first day. Everytime I go to the washroom, I have to record my thumb-print on a panel to open the washroom’s door. And as I do so, a very beautiful feminine voice says, “Thank You”. Now, I do understand that the work my company does is quite private and confidential but finger print analysis on washroom’s door? Are they afraid someone will steal our bodily nectar and analyse it to find out our strategies? And a lady saying Thank You every time you use the washroom??? I have a weird imagination and a naughty mind, as you know. Makes it really difficult for me. Lol. Just wondering if it’s a male voice which says Thank You in the ladies room.

2. I bought a new car for myself. It’s a white i10. White, cuz as you know am practically color-blind. So, on my first day with the car, I was driving back from my office to a friend’s place. It was around quarter past ten at night and my friend’s place is about six-seven kilometers from my office. I hit the NH8 within five minutes and was already planning to go out with him for a long drive. But then I realized I don’t really know the way to his home. I faintly recognized a building and took a U-turn, only to realize that the building I was aiming for was left behind. I somehow managed to reach Cognizant office building and asked the guard about the route. He said “Shankar Chowk jaana padega”. Not wanting to show anyone that I am a new and inexperienced person/driver, I didn’t ask the obvious question, “Shankar Chowk kahan hai?” On the contrary, I nodded as if Shankar Chowk was actually named after my great grandfather and sped off.

I again hit the NH8 and took another U-turn. Night, new car, Delhi Jaipur highway. Wow! I drove like a maniac, crossing 140 kph at times. Within minutes, I reached the Toll Plaza. Now I know the route from the toll plaza but I needed to take another U-turn. I took the extreme left lane looking for some by-lane but to no avail (Now I am told that one can take a U-turn from the rightmost lane). It was nearing eleven and I was feeling rather tired. So, I paid the toll tax (took me five minutes as I had no change), took a U-turn 100 meters from there, again paid the toll tax (ateast this time I had the change) and finally reached my friend’s home. Twenty three kilometers is all it took. Oh, ya, in between I once by mistake entered the Ambience Mall parking lot. Thank God I didn’t have to pay there. Even if I had to, I wouldn’t have minded, as I had the change. Lol!

Though I originally intended to write much more, but feeling kind of tired now. Will be back soon. In the meantime, stay naughty, stay alive!


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