So, the final Major exam of my IIT life is over. And it was much more fun than any other exam I have written in the last five years. Perhaps cuz I didn’t give a damn about how much I would score today. Anyway, we were supposed to write one limerick (five line witty poem with the rhyming scheme ‘aabba’) on any one of the five given topics. I started writing and got such a kick out of it that I ended up writing over 15 lines and completely screwed the other two questions.

Bored at home, I logged onto
To find a man who will fly me to Rome
There was a forty year old divorcee and a 25 something fatty
A balding young man, whose family was all catty
Looking at them, I think am better alone at home.

Oh God only knows why I logged onto
Where all my dreams evaporated like bubbles of foam
Black like charcoal, looking for a fair bride
Robert Mugabe, imagining Aishwarya by his side
I think I will rather commit suicide in my dome

At long length, I did find my perfect mate
So, I invited him for a casual date
He looked rich and handsome, going by his profile
Smartly dressed up, holding a latest mobile.
But alas! in my anxiety I got a little late.

—–(added after coming back)—–

I finally found him sitting by the lake
Just to realize that the e-profile was all a fake
He had the smile of a crocodile, and teeth of a dragon
And when he spoke, he sounded like a rail wagon
I think I will rather marry a snake (or drown myself in the lake).

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    • Will take it as a compliment. It’s more fun (and challenging) to write from the perspective of the opposite gender and guess I have succeeded in that. 😛


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