The She Conundrum-IV

Men have all the flaws
Women just two
Everything they say
and everything they do!

So, you people remember the incident (The She Conundrum-II) where this girl called and intoxicated me with her sweet offer to slap me (“itne chaante padenge“). It has been nearly nine months now…..and guess what, she called again this morning!!!

9:30 am

She: Hello, kahan par hai?

Me(feeling sleepy after an early morning lecture): Main abhi col……(suddenly realizing this is not Mohua calling to ask whether I am at home or in college…..) Hello??

She: Rubal, jaldi bol na….kahan par hai?

Me (realizing by now that this must be the same girl….I am pretty quick): Aap kaun bol rahe hain?

She: Pragati. Rubal, bata na, kahan hai…

Me: Pragati, yeh Rubal ka number nahi hai.

She: Rubal ka number nahi hai??????? Kya mazaak hai?

Me: Mazaak nahi hai. This is Ashish here. Main aapko uska number message kar deta hoon. Theek hai?

She: Ok, Thanks!

Girls!!! As for now, I have saved her number (something which I should have done last time around itself ) so that next time she calls, it is easier for me to message her Rubal’s number.

I messaged her the number but she called back after some ten minutes and said she didn’t get the message though I had got the delivery report five minutes ago. Guess she just can’t get enuf of me. I didn’t know my voice was so seductive. Lol! So, I gave her the number on phone itself….and she made me say every digit atleast thrice.

1. The starting four lines are from some poem we discussed in the lecture this morning. I don’t remember the poet’s name.

2. I have changed the girl’s name….

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One response to “The She Conundrum-IV

  1. U made up d poem.. isn’t it??
    N ya, ur voice is sexy.. i can understand y she called u again.. lol. 😉
    but more than that.. Rubal’s a real lucky chap.. If this thing gets out, i wonder how many men wud envy him..

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