Novel Piece Price

The Nobel Peace Prize Committee, in choosing Barak Obama as the winner of the prestigious (not any more?) prize, did a great service to mankind. It gave us something to flood twitter, facebook and our blogs with (I feel the committee should get the prize itself next year for this humanitarian initiative). Here is a list of some equally deserving people…

1. Mayawati: Now, elephants are not exactly doves but you can’t deny that the ‘aspiration’ is there. The aspiration to become the Prime Minister of India one day. And while the nations (Obama’s US included) are still negotiating treaties to tackle climate change, she has already taken a step forward for the cause by constructing all those parks. Then, ofcourse she motivated the peace between RJD and SP in national elections, made sure that KanshiRam passed away peacefully, and it’s only because of her efforts that Uttar Pradesh’s law and order is in pieces, oh I mean peace! Definitely, such an embodiment of peace and sisterhood (Behenji Zindabad) deserves a Nobel!

2. Sachin Tendulkar: This is actually a lift-off from a friend’s Gtalk message but who cares. So, Obama won cuz he gave hope to millions of people around the world, YES WE CAN. But then the little master has been giving hope to billions of Indians for the last two decades. Australia 320/6(50 overs)…India 78/3(20). Sachin still out there….YES WE CAN! And unlike Obama, we actually did win.

3. K. Santhanam: For claiming that Pokharan tests were unsuccessful. There can’t be a better way of reducing nuclear armaments overnight and instilling confidence in your neighbours… Are you listening Mr. Obama?

4. My 10 days old nephew Shashank: You must be thinking that I have gone nuts and am indulging in nepotism. But first hear me through. Now while Shashank’s delivery was as painless as possible, my cousin sister had to undergo a lot of pain when she conceived his elder brother, Siddharth. Sid is eight years old now and is really a pain in the ass,quarreling with everyone(Also, he has so many hair on his body, he looks all ‘bushy’). On the other hand, Shashu is a very cute child (a little dark in complexion though) and knows when to cry and when not. As for being peace-loving, let me share a small incident with you. Shashu was still in the hospital even three days after his birth due to some registration process (health care, these days!). The two kids on the neighbouring beds were involved in a bitter fight. Whenever one tried to sleep, the other would cry and when the second would try to sleep, the first would create a ruckus. So, you know what my little Shashu did…? He gave his milk bottle to both of them and after that they both fell asleep.

5. Rakhi Sawant: Now, no list can be complete without her. Everytime I hear her voice on some reality show and then switch off the TV, the kind of peace I feel is incomparable. Some cynics believe that because of her fights with Mika and her ex-boyfriend, she might not be ideal for the prize. But what the hell, Obama is still attacking Afghanistan….atleast my schweetie Rakhi first kissed them before fighting. Someone who has redefined the role of woman in the patriarchal Indian society, surely deserves the prize.

P.S. On a serious note, I would like to see Jack Dorsey awarded next year for starting Twitter which played such a crucial role in Iran elections. Technology for peace….an absolutely rare event!

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