The Elephant Kingdom

So, I have been making a lot of fuss about my Creative writing classes in the last few posts. CREATIVE WRITING…..sounds so sophisticated as if we were doing something very special and exceptional. Well, you decide for yourself.

We were given a small replica of an elephant in the minor exam and were supposed to describe it. I couldn’t find anything striking enough in my elephant except his raised trunk…, here it goes

Swinging his trunk
As if drunk
He walks down the road
Bearing a heavy load

He sees a banana tree
And starts on an eating spree
Only to be beaten by his ‘mahaout’
Whom he completely loathe

So, he raises his trunk in anger
Making the mahout fall down
And runs away from him
Causing rampage in the town

A young boy finds him
And pat him with love
Again he raises his trunk
But this time peacefully like a dove.

Yeah, the ‘Lol’ formed a part of the answer. Lol.
Though it’s not a great ‘poem’ by any stretch of imagination, but given that I had just over four minutes, I guess I can be excused. Also realized how difficult it can be to write a nursery rhyme….Kudos Charlie(Two and a Half Men).

What d’ya think?

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