Remembering Gandhi…

Prerak: You know what, I almost miss India these days.

Swati: You gotta be kidding me.

Prerak: Come on, you gotta agree that the cultural diversity and ancient heritage makes India a great nation.

Swati: Did you read about thousands of women being whipped in Tamil Nadu to get rid of the evil spirits. Great, my ass! I am more than happy we left that country.

Prerak: Yeah, I know some things need to be changed but still dunno, I miss something here.

Swati: What is it, darling? Why are you thinking about all this today?

Prerak: Nothing. Aniket called last night. He was all excited about the Dussehra mela he went to along with his kids. Ravana, Kumbhakarana, Meghnaath…….Do you remember those larger than life effigies….

Swati:Hmm. And the deafening sound that followed. For a minute, I used to feel that I would definitely go deaf. Still, it used to be fun.

Prerak: Also, I miss the kheer that Ahmed’s mother always gave us on Eid. And such mouth-watering kebabs to go along with. She was one of the best cooks ever.

Swati: Yeah, you told me about her earlier too. But honey, don’t worry, we can order a kebab from KFC.

Prerak: Its not the same. And then, tomorrow is Gandhi Jayanti. Gandhi, Mahatama Gandhi….what a man, an inspiration to billions.

Swati (faking a British accent, something she does all the time when not at home): Gandi. You are missing Gandi Jayanti. Haha! Really, when did you turn all this patriotic?

Prerak: Fuck patriotism. Don’t you ever get it? Eid and Dussehra were on Monday. Gandhi Jayanti is on Friday. Think of it. Think of it.

Swati (suddenly overpowered by grief): Three extended weekends. Nahhhhhhhiiiiiii.

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