Of classes, myself and etc…

Finally after a month I decided to go for the Creative Writing lecture this morning. And phew! we had a surprise quiz today. Lucky Bastard.

After the quiz, we were asked to write 20 points defining ourselves, as part of some study a very beautiful (I am not being sarcastic here….) PhD at IITD is working on. Being at the end of a psychological analysis can be baffling sometimes….it reminds me of those days when we used to observe fungi under a microscope in school. Anyway, thats not the point. Here are a few of my responses…

Who am I?

1. I am a sleepy individual trying to fake attention in class.


3. I am an iceberg waiting for the Titanic to hit me, so that I get my two minutes of fame.

4. I am a satellite revolving around my girlfriend. 😛

5. I am a rising star, afraid that I might be too far away to give any light in this lifetime.

6. Nerd, trying to pass off as witty.

7. An individual torn apart by the dilemmas of Dil Dosti etc.

I don’t remember the rest of the list. But it was fun compiling it. Though she gave us a choice not to  mention our names, but me being ME, I did. Lol!

Oh, and then I attended the next lecture (for the third time this semester) and the prof while taking attendance said, “arre aaj tum bhi aa gaye…..toh matlab sab aa gaye….attendance ki zaroorat nahi…” 😛

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