Asymmetric Life…

It has been raining incessantly for the past two days. Not that I am complaining. I simply love rains but this weather also brings out the philosopher in me. While the first drops of the heavenly nectar splashing across the roof-top in a rhythmic ‘tip-tip’ fashion never fail to bring a wide grin on my face (and make me crave for hot pakodas and tea), somewhere they also leave me sad/depressed. Okay, tell me how often does it happen to you that you are very happy, extremely pleased with the way things are turning out and suddenly in that moment of success, you think about some sad happening in the past and instantly feel a little void/hollowness in your laugh, no longer happy about your current exploits but pondering ruefully over the forlorn past. On the contrary, Patronus Charm remains one of the most difficult spells in the wizarding world as well as among the descendants of Adam. How difficult it is to think of a happy moment when you are depressed or under stress? I feel gloomy in this wonderful rainy weather but did I ever feel happy in the torturous May? So, is there a basic asymmetry in life….do we have an underlying propensity to be sad/pessimistic……are we closer to the (proposed) Satan in this regard as compared to the (proposed) almighty?

See, rather than enjoying the cool breeze and the rains, I am writing this stupid piece at 3 am. I am not sad or anything but कभी कभी यूँ ही मेरे दिल में ख्याल आता है……

बादल बरस के बिखर गए
पर मेरी आँखों में मेघ अभी भी छाये हैं
खुश है दिल बहुत मगर
क्यूँ इस ख़ुशी में दुखों के साए हैं.

P.S. Oh, its 9/11 today. Let there be peace. Amen!

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