The Ticket

They broke up last night. She found his air-ticket in the drawer and knew in an instant that it was over. None of them said anything. There was no need for words anymore. But the look in her eyes expressed more than a thousand words could possibly have.

He saw her again at the airport in the morning. To hide his guilt, he went on the offensive.

“Why have you came here? I told you not to. Nothing you say is going to change my decision. You need a reason. Well, I’ll give you one. I think you are the most selfish girl I have ever met. These last six months, I almost felt as if you were using me. Today seems like freedom to me. Now, don’t create a scene here. Go away”

Embarrassed, she looked sideways, then sheepishly took out the ticket from her bag…..

“You forgot your ticket to freedom at home”.

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