Of travels and early morning travails….

As most of you know, I usually come back to hostel from home on Sunday evenings by bus. And almost every journey has its share of drama. But the one last evening….pretty girl, deserted subways, dimly-lit roads…… ranks way above.

I boarded the bus and the first half of the journey was pretty much normal (except the fact that I got a seat). A pretty decent looking girl boarded the bus at Satya Niketan. With just a dozen or so passengers in the bus, she instantly caught my attention (ok, she was beautiful. I liked her face, the way she had such a beautiful smile on her face despite the heat, her long hair……). I started wondering whether she was a student in some South Campus college or an office-goer. But on a Sunday? Anyway, my bus-stop was approaching, so I got up, belted up my back-pack and moved towards the door. “Obviously”, while doing all this, I stole a few cursory glances at her. I got down at Hyatt with one final stare/ogle/look at her and started looking for an auto. The bus started moving and I thought about looking at her one last time from the window. But she wasn’t there. I turned around to see that she also had got down.

Anyway, I waited for five minutes but when I got no auto, I started climbing down the subway’s stairs. Now this subway is quite deserted on Sundays…and around 8 pm, its a little dark as well. But I could clearly see that she was just a few steps ahead of me. As we started crossing the road, the sound of our footsteps echoed in the underground alley. She looked back for a fraction of a second to find me walking slowly five steps behind her (I had a heavy backpack). Nothing out of place. We climbed upstairs to come on the side of the road along Hotel Hyatt. Now, Bhikaiji Cama Place has quite a few offices and there is a lot of buzz on weekdays but Sundays, you hardly notice a fellow. We walked in the same formation, I tracing her footsteps five feet behind, for another 200 metres. By this time, she had looked back about five more times and I didnt know what was going through her mind. Maybe she felt that I was stalking her. But I got off the bus before her. Maybe she was dying to talk to such a handsome young man (lol). Whatever.

Just to relieve her of any undue anxiety, I increased my gait and actually got ahead of her. Another 200 metres…She was no longer behind me. I slowed down to read an advertisement on a bill-board. By the time I reached the next subway (yeah, I have to cross two subways, walk for some 700 metres to get a connecting bus or auto), to my surprise, she was again there, some seven steps ahead of me. Again dimly-lit deserted subway. As we descended he staircase, she once again looked back, this time for more than a second. I could discern some beads of perspiration and anxiety on her face. I smiled a little. She increased her speed. As soon as she reached the underground passage, she almost broke into a run. Constantly looking behind, she kept running. I started laughing (I do all kind of stupid things). Seeing this, she further increased her speed and by the time I reached the ascending stairs, she had totally disappeared from the scene.
Pretty lady, wherever you are, I know I look like a goon (I don’t shave, have a shabby dressing sense, an uncouth disposition and a stupid hair-do)….sorry for whatever happened. But then I didn’t intend to…Hope you slept well last night…or did I trouble you last night in dreams as well….lol!

Moving on….

After four years, two weeks and one day, I sat in the first row of a class (with more than 15 students) this morning. Now don’t faint just yet. I had no intentions whatsoever. I actually enjoy sitting in the last row and playing sms games with Mohua while she gets bored in her lectures. But alas! I reached late and all the back-benches were occupied. Damn the junta…..aajkal koi padhna hi nahi chahta…huh! The lecture was pretty interesting and I had had a good night’s sleep, so I was for a change wide awake in the class. Suddenly, the teacher asks me to get up and stand on the desk. STAND ON THE DESK? Are you freaking kidding me? I am 22. I am a fifth year Masters student. For god’s sake, I am almost like a senior citizen in the college with almost everyone in the class younger than me. No experiments on me. Please…KILL ME….But stand on the desk…..after some ten years or so…..The course should be called Creative Embarrassment. Lol. But then I am such a sport that I actually stood up. She asked me my name (humiliation poori honi chahiye) and ordered me to face the class. I turned around and stood there for five minutes (while she discussed the emotions that such an incident in the class evoked in the class….Damn, creative writing). And they say, “Why do you all want to sit in the last row?”

Meantime, all I was thinking about….”kaash aaj naha liya hota….the girl in the second last row is staring at me like anything…..aaj ke baad class 5 minute pehle aaunga but no first row ever again…..”. I adjusted my position once or twice so as to display all my “assets” properly to the class (some 40 odd guys and 3 girls)…waiting for the next class to find out if anyone’s interested.

4 responses to “Of travels and early morning travails….

  1. thats supercool…i laughed for like 5 minutes after readin it…..how can u write so well.i think i shud drop the plan of startin a blog…..comparin to u i’m so pathetic……..bt seriously this is one of ur best post

  2. Classic case of lessons learnt the hard way;
    1. Take a bath atleast on alternate days, shave once a week, wear clean clothes (the ones which, even if not very clean or ironed, dont have coffee stains atleast) and wear proper clothes to class.. You never know when you need to “display your assets to the class” or “stalk a hapless girl”.. Better be prepared from next time onwards.
    2. Get up at 7.30 and not postpone till 7.45.. thats cz both of us gain from your sitting at the last bench.. i am bored till death in my lects. otherwise.
    3. You stalking a girl, seriously?? Mera reference de deta.. I would have told her the Truth.. lol

    A thoroughly enjoyable read.. Loved it..

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