An Introduction (v 2.0)

I often wonder

Who am I?
Am I the messiah born of Virgin Mary
The promised one, or ‘kalki’ if u may
The prophetic Harry Potter with the scar
Or just another idiot born under the Taurean star

An endless circle without a start
Lost on the stage, searching for his part
A hollow shell, blowing its own trumpet
Or merely fate’s another unfateful puppet.

What am I?

A philosopher, thinker, a radical extremist
A rebel, reformist or just an escapist
Engaged in an embittered battle with self
Overbrooding pessimist, acting like a skelf.

A spiritual atheist
A hypocritical philanthropist
A liberal fundamentalist
A ‘feministic’ misogynist

What am I doing here?

Entangled in a never-ending web of predicaments
Experiencing life as a series of serendipitous accidents.
Puzzled, bamboozled, Schemozzled
Bewildered, bedazzled as if sozzled.

Integrating life from zilch to infinity
Differentiating self to achieve divinity.
Plotting God on an imaginary axis
Defining emptiness with the entire lexis.

But then I also wonder

If I am actually that complicated
Or am I just stating things a little too exaggerated
Am I any different from the boy next door
Am I not another drop in an ocean of hundred crore.

Am I not another one caught in the vicious circle of life
Looking for some money and a beautiful pretty wife
Am I not just the same as you
Am I not just another isotope of you.

No, I am not.
I am what I am
I am ME
Even the man in the mirror is a different he.

Now that before thou
I have bared my life like a reality show
I wish myself a lot of success
So that this introduction of mine further grow.

2 responses to “An Introduction (v 2.0)

  1. Thought, maths, word-play and ofcourse Baba-style punchlines…lolz
    Kya baat hai… you should probably be teaching those creative writing classes…;)

  2. I seriously think u are as simple or as complicated as u make yourself to be.. So rest assured you are ‘sane’. As pointed out earlier, last para thoda fiter laga mujhe.. otherwise thumbs up to ur intro to urself..

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