The Interpretation Of Dreams*

Back to the hostel…and I have been trying my best to relax after a gruelling last month. And what better way than to sleep all day long and relive those golden days……..(falls asleep once again…..and resumes writing after two hours)

The heat is unrelenting and so is the constant sound of the lawn-mower but then I have always been a champion in the art of sleeping (okay, not the champion but second….. munnu, u r the winner, anyday). So, this afternoon I was once again enjoying my siesta when I had this bizarre (or was it some kind of expression of my sub-conscious feelings) dream.

I am in Bhubaneshwar (why Bhub? No idea!!) with my parents. While they are visiting a temple, I decide to roam around the place and go to a water park (I last went to a water park in April). So, I reach this place and am all excited about the water slide. But as soon as I start sliding down, to my utmost horror, I see a blueline (or was it DTC) bus coming up the slide (I travel in buses pretty often, most recently this Wednesday). Now that indeed is a funny sight to imagine but at that time I was so gripped with mortal fear that I was totally perspiring (it was something around 3 pm here in Delhi….and my room has just a ceiling fan…so its pretty possible that I was actually perspiring due to the unbearable heat). I somehow dodged to one side to avoid being annihilated by this latest weapon of mass-destruction. I hadn’t even heaved a sigh of relief before I saw another bus charging at me. I slid to the other side and barely escaped the fatal crash. Further adventures included sliding in between two bikes, safely coming out from below a car…..etc..etc.

Somehow I managed to reach the end of the slide in one piece. By that time I was beside myself with rage. I saw two men in worker’s uniform standing there watching the entire spectacle. I slapped both of them for risking my life in such a manner. But they were tall men and I wasn’t able to properly punish them for their crime. So, I grabbed a broom from the floor nearby and started hitting both of them over and over again. I saw another man standing in a shed (there were some motors there, possibly to draw water…dunno, didn’t get time to investigate further). He was wearing a turban and his lips were a dark shade of red as if he had put on lip-stick. I rushed towards him to hit him. He fell in my arms, and his turban came off only to reveal his beautiful long locks. It took me a moment or two to realize that he was actually a she. Holding her in my arms, I shouted, “Tum sab ko toh main jail kara doonga….” and started walking towards the police station. Suddenly I tripped over a stone and my lips touched hers by mistake (now, it has been a long time since I watched any porn….though I watched Love Aaj Kal last night…and it had a few kissing scenes….subconscious…lol!). I liked it and repeated it. From gentle touches on the lips, we graduated to deep passionate kissing, while all the time I was walking with her in my arms towards the police station.

Somehow I was a little confused about the exact location of the police station and instead ended up near my home in Delhi. I asked her to stop kissing me as people were looking at us and they knew my father. I removed the lipstick from my face…..

Just about then I got up to find myself wiping the sweat from my face.

Bernard Edmonds once said,

“To dream anything that you want to dream. That’s the beauty of the human mind.

Now, I am in a dilemma whether I have a beautiful mind or a very sick one. My friends have already pronounced that I kissed a transgender in my dream and this shows my true hidden feelings….377 and all.

I generally have all sorts of weir dreams but rarely remember them. Thats why i decided to put this one on my blog. It has been six hours since I had this dream and I have been thinking on the lines of Joseph Cardinal Suenens:

Happy are those who dream dreams and are ready to pay the price to make them come true.

Am I ready?? Lol!

*The title ofcourse comes from the seminal work by Sigmund Freud.

6 responses to “The Interpretation Of Dreams*

  1. we all knew you were a pervert (and gay)
    but what i didn’t expect was that you can have ***** with a transgender and that too in dreams !!!!

    • watever…
      Any woman wearing a man’s clothes is not a transgender..This comment is yet another testimony to the fact that we as a society have a very myopic vision and just like to blabber about “issues” without actually having any knowledge about it…..

      Anyway, she was so pretty…I won’t hear a single word against her….lol!

    • What is society….but an amalgam of individuals…..
      and this innocuous blabber is often the starting point of various myths prejudices and stereotypes prevalent in the society.

      I guess let’s leave this discussion for some other post….or you are most welcome to SB-2 for a session of mud-slinging. lol!

  2. i think evry guy dreams that he has such a kind of dream (leavin the fact that the person is transgender)……….so congratulations

  3. I just dream about running.. dunno if i am running away from anything/anyone or just running after something/someone.. And the scenes change so frequently.. But i dont see too many chars. in it.. And cant remember most of it in the morning as well.. I used to think i have absurd dreams, but you win hands down.. Congrats!!

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