A Man’s Best Friend…

Warning: This post contains sexually explicit content. Read under parental guidance.

Rating: PG13.

How many times have you heard the cliche’d ‘Diamonds are a girl’s best friend’? Be it a chic novel, some desperate TV show or a deBeers advertisement, you find it everywhere. But what about us? Who is our best friend? So, here are the top contenders for a boy’s (man’s) best friend.

1. Mobiles/ Bikes/ Video Games/ Gadgets : They simply define us. Ever played CounterStrike/AoE/NFS through the night and slept all day long? Fascinated by Iphone, latest gizmos, HayaBusa, Ferrari? As one of the advertisements proclaims, “Live off the edge“.

2. Momma : This one is for all you momma’s boys out there. Every thing you do, buy, wear  must be approved by your mom. You run to her every time you have a problem. She lovingly calls you “Schweetie”. And she disapproves of every single of your girlfriends, saving you future problems. So, isn’t she your best friend?

3. Beer : Though girls have picked up in this department of late, I don’t think they are any match to our guzzling capacity. Be it celebration or ‘moving on’ after a bitter break-up, beer is something that never fails to lift our spirits. Yeah, there has been the odd sulking DevDas, but Abhay Deol bottoming the SmirnOff in DevD, now how cool was that?

4. Sports : Cricket, Football, Tennis, Baseball, Basketball, Volleyball, you name it, we love it. And couple it with some booze, awesome! Someone rightly said, “A girl can safely sit naked in front of a boy when ManU is playing Real“. Actually not. There is always a half-time. Lol.

5. Porn movies : Now, don’t you give me that shocked look. “Porn? Me? Never…Its so disgusting“. We all know how you find it difficult to sleep without watching one. Don’t worry. Its normal. Men will be Men.

6. The Animal Inside : We all call it by different names, some prefer ‘Little Johnny‘, some just stick to ‘The Thing’, while some reverentially call it ‘The Devil Incarnate‘. How many of you have talked to ‘it’ while standing in a washroom and discussed about the hot girl you just saw? Though it is a very naughty friend and can land you in serious troubles but what fun is there without a mischievous friend.

Cast your vote now. You may add some other nominations if you wish.

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