Of Birthday Parties and Vandalism…

Just back from a birthday party. Not a friend of mine. One of our family friends’ grandson turned one. The banquet hall was decorated with over a thousand balloons and was looking awesome. Being a kid’s birthday party, a lot of children were there and they all created a lot of hullabaloo. Running from one end to other, dancing, fighting, eating and spilling (actually spilling and eating). The usual. Bored of it, one of the creative souls found a toothpick and started pricking the balloons. And within ten seconds, every kid in the party had a toothpick in his hand. (They say now that we evolved from Ida. I disagree. (After touching every damn monkey’s feet for the past twenty years thinking of him as my ancestor, you can’t do this to me). The way we people ape others, we definitely evolved from monkeys). And the Swabhiman Sena set out on its work, stopping only when not a single balloon was left. Oh, actually they didn’t stop even then. Across the hall were hanging cardboard cutouts with SHUBH (the birthday boy’s name) written over them. So, these kids next took it down. 5 letters and 20 kids. A fight started. Multiple fights started. Somehow spoons from the dinner cutlery made it to the centre. Children started hitting each other with them. The curtains were next to go followed by the tables. Cars burnt, trains disrupted, roads blocked, public property gutted…..

Oh, that didn’t actually happen in the party…..but in Bihar, cuz they failed to clear some examination. Had they studied rather than doing all this, they might just have succeeded. In no mood to write any further, you are intelligent enough (just kidding) to figure out my intended message.

Have a great weekend!


P.S. Some of you have sent in long mails telling how you miss my poems. Sorry, haven’t written anything of late. So, here are four impromptu crap lines….:P

Yun hello bol busy ho jaana tera (on Gtalk)
Miss call maar phone na uthaana tera
Kya karein dil da sohniye, saanu toh maar gaya
Gaali de yun ankh maar jaana tera…..

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