Family Banters-II

(can be read independently of part I)

9 am
Saturday, May 2

Obviously I am sleeping. The phone rings. Papa calling. Red Alert! All senses called back from sleep to the war front. They shouldn’t get to know that I was still sleeping.

Mom: Hello.

Me (trying to sound wide awake and all freshy fresh): Hi Mom. Good Morning.

Mom(in a totally surprised tone): Hi Ashish(I still have one more year left in the hostel, so won’t divulge what I am actually called at home). Good Morning. Tu utha hua hai? 9 baje? Exam hai kya aaj?

Me (trying to sound as if I am not only wide awake but already getting busy with the day’s work): Utha hua hoon. Khaana khaa raha tha(The last time I had my breakfast in hostel was perhaps a year ago). Exam, nahi, bataya toh tha, kal hai. Aaj off hai.

Mom (bewildered): Fir bhi utha hua hai. Ya night out tha, abhi soya hi nahi?  Tabiyat toh theek hai na. Garmi bahut hai. Take care.

Me ( a little irritated but smiling): Nah, theek hai tabiyat. Agar aapko itna hi bharosa hai ki main so raha hoonga, toh phone kyun kiya?

Mom (laughing): Maine kahan kiya, dekh kiska number hai.

I tell you my Dad so very loves to do this. And then he takes over the phone and says, “aaj walk par nahi gaya, subah 6 baje…” and adds playfullyas if he had cracked an extremely baffling puzzle, “saath waale hostel tak paani peene”

Mom, I told you not to tell him the truth.

Yea, that was my morning walk which I have been boasting about on facebook for the last two days. No water in our hostel!!!

Have a great weekend.


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4 responses to “Family Banters-II

  1. nah viru.. he’s neither that lucky nor intelligent enuf.. btw u “tried” to sound awake n busy at 9 am… thats a feat in itself.. n ur mum n dad beleived u?? btw ya ur mum ws right.. tune nite out hi maaari hogi.. n ur mrng walks… yaar tumhare hostel me kabhi paani nahi aana chahiye.

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