Decoding the email-id

Email ids can often tell a lot about a person. After years of hard work, perseverance and dedicated research, I propose the following basic guidelines to assist you in analyzing a person based on her/his email-id:

  • the date of birth at the end of name. Huh! Complete Lack of imagination.
  • Basically nerds trying to pass off as dudes and catch a few chicks(No offense).
  • Your own name. You gotta be kidding me. Perhaps they are the ones who developed the email. Or their parents named them really differently, something like Annapannachanna. God, why didn’t my parents consider that. It also starts with an ‘A’.
  • Obviously you all know we are the best minds in the nation.
  • Made in frustration or just trying to woo some girls. A recent newspaper report said girls fall for sad people. Isn’t that sad?
  • And then there are the real gem of people who use very creative and innovative email ids. Sample for example, first three letters of first name followed by last three letters of last name. Not just that, such people are gifted with an amazing foresight. Taking a cue from people who add their date of birth after the name, they add the year of their birth increased by six. The use? Well, when they turn 30, they can still pass off as being just 24 and flirt online. Lol! Amazing people. Hats off to them!

As an exercise, try your skills at finding out what these email ids mean


7 responses to “Decoding the email-id

  1. u r so self obsessed.. stud banne ki kitni fite maar raha hai.. huh 😉
    btw evn i wanna kno wat does ’93 stands for in ur email id.. plz enlighten me sir.

  2. Trying to pass off as real learned n having a gud knowledge of literature so as to impress girls.. tho hard luck cz girls get turned off by d guys who try n impress them. real phattus who try to shield their weaknesses under the garb of artificial masculinity.. again boring stuff… no imagination.. all borrowed funde
    Modest_Ashish@ God’s gift to womankind. I-AM-THE-BEST types. cannot handle failure. all gas, no substance.

  3. hehe… and since u hv paid no heed to my updates everywhere on this planet… i had to post here as well… sms me ur no… mine is the same… but i have managed to erase my phonebook somehow….

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