I spend all my mornings
Thinking about her
And the afternoons thinking
Why I think so much about her.
Thinking how she laughs
And how she makes me laugh
Thinking what I’ll do tomorrow
To make her again break into a laugh
And as I think this
I can see myself starting to smile
Thats why I think so much
About her all the while.

And as the shadows lengthen
So does my thinking about her
The stars come out
And we think together about her.
Think how I am incomplete without her
Just as they are devoid of sheen without the moon
Think how they twinkle only at night and get tired
But her eyes glitter, be it dusk or noon.

Sleep overpowers me and
All night long I dream about her
The morning sun comes out
And am still thinking about her.
Thinking how I always end up being rude to her
How I act like an arrogant dude with her
It’s not been even a day since she went away
But am going crazy already
Missing her all day long
And feeling sol saddy saddy.
So, I am still just thinking about her
Tears in my eyes
Am still thinking about her…..

But why?
Why do I think about her?
I do not need her
I do not depend on her
But no, I need her
I want to depend on her
I want her to hold me when I fall down
I want her to call me when I go out of town
I want her to scold me when I go wrong
I want her to every night sing me a song
So, I want her.
I don’t need her.
No, I need her
Need her to just sit by me
Need her to hold my hand
Need her to read my poems
And tell me I am stupid to write them
But again I need her for selfish reasons
So, actually anyone else would do
I don’t particularly need her.
No, I need just her.
If anyone else would have done
I would have forgotten her long ago
If anyone else would have done
I would not be writing this for her
If anyone else would have done
I would not still be thinking about her.
Thinking about her….

P.S. The title comes from Elvis Costello’s song in Notting Hill.
Now, you know why I am called Thinking J. Lol!

7 responses to “She..

  1. Very very cute.. its simply breathtaking… don’t have much words to describe it.. maybe thats wat they call “choking with feelings”.. anywaz don’t bother much with rhyming.. didn’t miss it either.. n the flow makes it all d more endearing.. m no critic, but if it counts then i absolutely loved it…. 🙂
    And ya u r pretty much comfortable in eng poetry.. evn ur ramblings make sense.. or maybe m a ltl biased 😉

  2. you sir, either have one heck of an imagination or is TOTALLY in lurve! or maybe both. ha ha!

    loved it! but doncha think u r obsessing abt her a bit tooooo much?
    anyways, always loved ur poems! still do! always will!

    • thnx…u r always so generous with ur compliments….
      I myself don’t know whether I am in love or not……

      And I love to pamper my girl………..I don’t kno how to….but I love the idea… the obsession is just my way of making her feel special…

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