Frustrated J…

Foreword: This post is just a frustrated rant. Go find something interesting on some other blog.

Often in life we have to make a choice. We can be just a passive audience to whatever is happening, or we can stand against the wrong-doing. But for most of us, being a rebel is not an option. So, we can silently acquiesce with the situation trying to find some good in the evil or maintaining the moral high ground refuse to be a part of it all. That is to say, if we can’t stand against the wrong, it doesn’t mean that we stop standing with the right. I know I’ve lost you already but then its a complex melee of thoughts that is crowding my mind at the moment.

Just saying “life me aisa hi hota hai“, ain’t the solution to everything. I know crying over things all day long is also not a solution either but atleast register a protest, even if its a meek one. As the Obama campaign said,

“Rosa sat so Martin could walk…

Martin walked, so Obama could run…

Obama is running so our children can fly!”

Someone has to take an initiative. And that someone should come from among us. Who will make a difference, if we all keep waiting for the other person to do something.

Just wanted to vent it out……


7 responses to “Frustrated J…

  1. On a bad road, laid with stones, kicking every stone in the path would only hurt one’s foot…. the best option out there is to avoid the stones (and not to kick ’em)

    • well, what about taking a different road or removing the stones with your hands…..why are we so quick in accepting whatever we get as a way of life……have we grown totally numb….

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