Just Another Brick In the Wall

Priyadarshini Mattoo

Jessica Lall

Aarushi Talwar

Saumya Vishwanathan

Aman Kachroo


Aakriti Bhatia




The list goes on…..The same media coverage…the same candle marches…..the same pleas for justice…..the same arrests…the same bails…..and we move on to a new Breaking News, a new victim, a new Aarushi, a new Shanno. In a billion-plus nation, one life doesn’t mean anything.

When will we wake up? Perhaps when it happens to us…..don’t worry, the day ain’t far.

5 responses to “Just Another Brick In the Wall

  1. ok now this one was pretty direct, hard hitting and on the face honest…
    but seriously nothing really matters to us beyond a week maybe until it happens to us personally.. n the latest shanno n aakriti case.. one aftr the another n still…
    i’ll borrow a line frm the latest ad campaign of karan johar (without the conclusion ofcourse).. “iss desh ka kuch nahi ho sakta.. “

    • We ain’t perfect…but then nobody is. But still we are much much better than many of our counterpart nations. Just that we need to learn from our past experiences….
      As Bhagat Singh said, “a bomb was needed to make the deaf britishers hear”….
      We got up after 26/11 but just yawned and again fell back to sleep.

      • dont u think u r supporting my pt. itself? see m nt against our nation as well… n despite everything i LOVE my country.. bt somthings wont change here.. i hav jus accepted it as a way of life..
        ofcourse we are better than many nations… but much worse than a lot as well.. n learning frm past experiences? well we have so many reference points but hav we learnt anything? y can’t b as swift n prompt as US? we do get up occassionally bt do we do anything substantial other than a few candle lit peace marches?

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