Family Banters…..

So, its a loong long weekend at home. Now that both my sisters are married, its just me, mom and Dad. And this is how our conversations sound these days…..

Dad: Kitna sota hai Ashish. 10:30 baj rahe hain. Kal mere saath subah 5 baje park chalna.

My mom starts laughing uncontrollably and I heave a sigh of relief…..

Dad: What happened to the YES+ thing you were talking about? Join nahi kiya is baar bhi?

Me: Dad, they try to infuse enthusiasm in you. But if I have enough enthusiasn to go to their sessions, why would I need more enthusiasm?

Again, Mom laughing. She is a darling.

Dad: There is a 5 day camp coming up in May. Something related to Naturopathy. They take you out to some quiet town and there you feel rejuvenated. Fresh air and sleeping without any tensions help a lot.

Me: Dad, I already sleep for 16-17 hours in a day. Do you still think I am under stress? Fir baad me mat kehna, saara din sota rehta hai.

Ok, you know what my mom did.

Mom: Ashish, I have grown quite old.

Dad: Yeah, you will be turning 50 next year.

Me: Let’s celebrate. Golden jubilee. Wow!

Dad: Itni saari candles laani padengi. Bahut kharcha ho jaayega.

Me: Woh to hai. Ek candle le aate hain ‘L’ ki.

Mom: L??

Me: Woh Roman me….

Mom: Oye angrez, waapas aa jaa India me….

Me: Oki, we will get a ‘5’ and a ‘0’.

Mom: Ashish, ab kaam nahi hota mujhse. Shaadi kar le. Woh ghar par rahegi humaare saath, tu aa jaana weekends par.

Me: kaam waali chhutti par hai kal? Ek aur rakh lo, sasti padegi.

Mom: Arre, kaam ki baat nahi hai. I get so bored alone.

Me (thinking hard to escape the situation):…….

(a pause of 2-3 minutes)

Dad: Waise sasti toh padegi.

And now, its me and Dad laughing like crazy.

P.S. Most of the conversations we have are in Hindi or some form of Haryanvi. Presented here in English for the general masses who don’t know Hindi. I sincerely pray to God that Mulayam Ji come to power and stop English education and computers. Who need them? Duh!

8 responses to “Family Banters…..

  1. poori conversation kyon nahi likhi?

    Dad: Kitna sota hai Ashish. 10:30 baj rahe hain. Kal mere saath subah 5 baje park chalna.

    Ashish: Theek hai Dad, kal se night out maar ke chal loonga park.

  2. can’t stop laughing!!
    u totally made my day J!

    like nish says, “L’ part cracked me up! but what happened after ur ma said that? 😉

    nahi bataoge?

  3. Your mum’s right on two accounts: one u r a pacca angrez n second tujhe ab to shaadi kar hi leni chahiye.. infact go to d park daily.. who knows yoga karte karte koi pasand hi aa jaye?? best of luck…
    n ya getting up early is impossible fr u.. nite out is more plausible.. try it out.

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