A New Space….

Well friends, as your Vaishakhi gift, I am starting a brand new blog Reflections.

So, if you feel like, hop over, take a look and if you like something, leave a comment. Don’t like something, read it again, you probably didn’t understand it properly. Someone (most probably me) once said that Philosophers are always honored 30-40 years later for their work. So, these poems will sure make it to the school texts of your grandchildren, better read them 3-4 times now and understand ’em properly. Lol.

And don’t forget to bookmark the page cuz I couldn’t think of an easy domain name like exotic (memory trick: erotic). It’s a clumsy www.myflirtwithpoetry.wordpress.com.

To new starts, CHEERS!

P.S. Actual Reasons:

Well, a lot of poems I write never make it to this blog cuz either they are incomplete or I am not satisfied with them. Earlier, I used to put all that stuff on my private blog. But I have deleted that one now; was becoming too negative of late. Also, most of my poems tend to be in Hindi and I post both the English transliteration and Hindi version, making this page rather cluttered. So, this blog to keep track of the poems, incomplete as they may be (as if other stuff on this blog is complete….But now u r used to it….lol). And most importantly, these blogs come for free….mera kya jaata hai….tumhe gift bhi de diya aur kuchh laga bhi nahi…..proper Baniya types…..lol.

One response to “A New Space….

  1. koi na.. if ur posts dont make it to d text books, i’ll atleast narrate them to my grand children.. just keep writing for their sake… cheers to new beginnings!!!

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