Leave the shoes for the Lovers…..

joote khaana kabhi naseeb tha tere aashiq ka
kya pata tha mue neta humse ye sukun bhi chheen lenge
ab bas patthar hi bache hain tere majnu ke liye
par ye beimaan neta zyada din wo bhi rehne na denge.

जूते खाना कभी नसीब था तेरे आशिक का
क्या पता था मुए नेता हमसे यह सुकून भी छीन लेंगे
अब बस पत्थर ही बचे हैं तेरे मजनू के लिए
पर ये बेईमान नेता ज्यादा दिन वो भी रहने न देंगे.

On a serious note, I think this entire shoe episode has set a dangerous precedent in our democracy and must be condemned in the strongest possible words. Yes, the system is slow, we have lost all hope, but still……throwing shoes ain’t the way out. Its a vicious never ending cycle. Entering Harmandir Sahab was wrong. But so was killing Indira Gandhi. And so were the riots that followed. One wrong can’t correct the other. Express your dissent, but leave the shoes for the lovers.

3 responses to “Leave the shoes for the Lovers…..

  1. Well said. I fully agree(with both statements!). Throwing shoes(literally and metaphorically) is just a way of ssatisfying your conscious that maybe you have done something useful. but the only effect will be negative. Leave the sandal to the bf-gf.

    Use your thumb.


  2. “koi joote se na maare mere deewane ko”… btw advani also recently joined d rank of chappal collectors.. way to go!!!

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