Young, (Supposedly) Educated and Equally Useless….

Varun Gandhi, 29

Alumnus, London School of Economics

Masters from School of Oriental and African Studies

A living monument to the spirit of religious and cultural “tolerance”.

P.S. The SOAS Alumni Relations Officer, has confirmed that Feroze Varun Gandhi never graduated in Sociology from SOAS (as claimed by him/media) as he withdrew from his MSc programme before completing it.  Feroze Varun Gandhi’s connection to the LSE was only through the “University of London External System”, which is a distance-learning provision administered by the LSE. He was never been admitted into the LSE’s own undergraduate student body and was never a member of LSE’s campus.


6 responses to “Young, (Supposedly) Educated and Equally Useless….

  1. Perfect catch 22 situation.. on one side there’s a mountain, a deep pit on d other.. what choice do u really have? i guess its d desire to work for others and common sense thats lacking.. ppl don’t know the quality of tact.. i agree thats just ‘resume building’ thats every1’s interested in..

  2. u changed d title of d post? i liked d last one better.. it kept u guessing till u hav read atleast the half of the post.. this title gives away everything too soon..

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