Sleepless in Delhi

I was reading Roop’s post last night about what things in life can be worse than sleeping in a blanket too thin to keep one warm and was wondering how can such a small thing make someone feel so bad. As in I would have somehow spent the night, got a new warmer blanket the next morning and go back to sleep. And as always, I just swept away the thing as another ‘She Conundrum’, another unsolved enigma about the females, blame it on hormones, blah blah blah….

So, I finally put down the book, switched off the lights and went off to sleep around 2. I can still hear the music playing and it is irritating me which is kind of unusual. So, I grapple to find the pause button on my laptop…Still the music continues. To my horror, I soon realized that it was the mosquitoes in my room which were making me dance to their tunes (weird that the last song I listened last night was Master Saleem’s ‘Ishq tere ne humein itna nachaya……’). I switched on the fan, no change. I switched on the light and searched for All-Out in my room (though I knew that I had once again forgot to buy a new refill. Just hoping some kind of Holi Santa might have left me one as a present) . It’s 3 am by now….I again check my mails, as if no one has anything better to do than mail me at that hour. I go downstairs, fill a bottle of water, back to my room, sprinkle the water all over my bed, obviously no change. Finally, I start reading a novel. And then the feeling strikes, a feeling of misery, a feeling of despair, I suddenly wish I had not come back from home in the morning, I curse myself for always postponing buying the refill (“jab ghar jaaoonga tab le loonga…..arre yeh toh hostel ke paas me hi milti hai, wahan se le loonga….”), scan through my contact’s list on my mobile to see who else can be awake at this hour, No One. Back to internet. Roop’s blog. I give myself a wry smile. Hormones….He-Conundrum…..Come on boy, tell me boy, why are you so pissed off….Spend the night somehow, buy a refill in the morning, go back to sleep….Finally, I settle down with this explanation:  She knows black magic. Lol!

3:30 am

I get into my pragmatic mode, and start scurrying for possible alternatives. Seeing Dua’s keys on my bed (this is why I keep everything on my bed, easier to come up with ideas…), I get a Eureka feeling. I open his room, take a sleeping mat from his room, the blanket from my room, and knock Munnu’s room. But, ofcourse, it is impossible to wake him up from his sleep. So, I try knocking for some 10 minutes, he blabbers something and back to sleep. I call him on his mobile, and finally the door to the heavens opens up. I reset the alarm in my mobile from 9:30 am to11:30 am. Not much lost. Twenty minutes later, I am again woken up by some music, but this time something with a much higher pitch. It takes me five-six minutes to realize that there has been a power cut (extremely rare, what with all the back-up we claim to have) and its Munnu’s UPS going berserk with all the beeps. But I am determined to sleep, so I tightly wrap the blanket over my ears and try to sleep. The ordeal continued for some ten minutes before power was restored. Ten minutes later, Munnu, again blabbers, “Abey, iski expiry date toh padh le”. I peek out of the blanket to check who he is talking to, just to find him sleeping. We people sure dream weird stuff…lol. Finally, I fell asleep around 4:30.

9:00 am

I feel a sudden tremor. I am too sleepy to process this information. Again some music, “Bachna Ae haseeno….”. And suddenly everything comes back to me. Its like reliving your worst nightmare. This is something which happened everyday for two months while we were in Nottingham. Munnu’s mobile alarm. Two hours of music…..the loudest of tracks possible, and while I would be wide awake by the third snooze, it takes Munnu atleast a hundred snoozes and a kick on his a$% from disturbed neighbours to wake up. Being experienced, I gave up. Again tightened the blanket over my ears….Atleast the song keeps on changing every ten minutes. So, the early morning hours were spent listening to the title track from Dhoom2, some track from Hum-Tum, DiDo and Bachna Ae……At 10:30, my back began to ache, I am not used to sleeping on a mat. So, I finally call it a day….Meetings and all….then slept for three hours in the afternoon. Agreed Roop, there are few things worse than being disturbed in your sweet slumber.

6 responses to “Sleepless in Delhi

  1. hehehehehe… lolz… 😉
    this might teach u a lesson not to b lazy and atleast sometimes do something rather than procrastinating forever.. anyways it was funny… still laughing.. u can actually label it as ‘he- conundrum’..

    me:lessons, it’s 10 pm, I was out shopping all evening and again no refill tonight…But today I have got keys to Sahil’s room too…

  2. back again! hehehe

    i am sorry you had to go through all this to understand my misery. ;p i promise it wasn’t me black magicking. :p u kno when it’s 4 AM and u’re feeling chilled … and u know u’d have to walk across an even chillier hallway to go to the blanket closet to get a blanket which will take its time warming up, u just cuddle into husband and sleep. hehe call it mid-sleep laziness but i really wouldn’t be getting up unless it was VERY necessary although i’d regret not getting up later when im still tired from an uncomfortable sleep. :p

    hope u are better now?

    i thought u were in bombay!!

    me: I totally understand it now….lol! And will always remember it as well. Looking forward to another musical night…. 😛

  3. Thats why i say.. Neki kar aur kuein mein daal!!! waise i never say it, bt it seems d perfect thing to say.. lolzzz

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