Once upon a Class…

I finally reached on time for the 8 am class this morning. She, as usual, comes a little late.

Mam: What’s the time in your watch?

She: 8:10.

Mam: Ashish, what’s the time by your watch?

Ashish(ofcrse, I don’t wear a watch….so scrambling to take out my mobile): Eight twen… No, no its just 8:10.

(The entire class laughs)

Mam: Saurabh?

Saurabh: 8:20.

Mam: What’s the rule of the class?

She: 8:15.

Mam: So, you can leave.

Me: Mam, she had a dance competition last night.

Mam: Ashish, would you like to give her company?

I quietly put my phone back in my jeans….and follow her out. The girls’ hostel being nearby, she goes back and sleeps in her room…while I stand outside the classroom staring at the dogs.

Disclaimer: Its purely a work of fiction. Any resemblance to anybody living or dead, well do tell me….

3 responses to “Once upon a Class…

  1. tumhari class ki “she” dance bhi karti hai?? waah yaar…mujhe toh laga tha that there are no “shes” in iit… and having a dancer is like “wtf!!!”

    me: It’s fiction, dear. So, I am allowed to lie a bit.

  2. oi.. who is this “mam”.. i never had a such strict Prof at my college… IITs have specimens kya..

    ok ok ok fiction mein kuch bi ho saktha hai…

    Psst : did the girl thank ashish.

    P.S. No, the mam exists. She is pretty strict about 8:15. The girl was too sleepy, she dint even notice…

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