The She Conundrum-III

(Can be read independently of the other two parts)

I just searched my room thoroughly but couldn’t find any hidden cameras. Dunno how girls get to know when I am sleeping (maybe its just that I sleep all day long). So, as always I am sleeping when the phone rings.

She: Hello. How are you?

Me (in a very sleepy voice): Hello.

She: Tu abhi tak so raha hai. Tujhe aur kuchh kaam nahi hai. Ashish yaar, tu itna kaise so leta hai?

Me: Yeh bhi ek art hai. Waise bhi tu apne puchi ke saath itna busy rehti hai, toh sapno me hi tujhse mil leta hoon.

She: Very funny!

Me: Nah, I am serious sweetu. Just now we two were having fun getting drenched in the rain.

She: Whatever.

Me: So, enjoying the weekend?

She: Enjoying, my foot. Just had a fight with Y (her boyfriend, better known as puchi)

Me: Oh, then he is enjoying the weekend.

She: Very funny!

Me: Ab woh bechaara bhi meri tarah aaraam se din bhar so sakta hai. Ah! the freedom of being single.

She: Whatever.

Me: Sorry, sorry. Achchha, bata kya hua?

She: Kuchh nahi yaar. Movie ke plans the. Now that idiot has to go to some relative’s place.

Me: Tu bhi saath chali jaa. Uske relatives, tere bhi toh relatives hue. Jaate hi sabke paanv chhoona. Aadarsh bhartiya naari ki tarah.

She: Very funny!

Me: Aur haan, please capri ki jagah atleast jeans pehen ke jaana. Theek hai?

She: Whatever.

This went on for 20 minutes and ended like this:

Me: X, do you mind if I go back to sleep now. Feeling very tired. Slept late last night. Then got up early, worked, met a friend, project discussion with Dean….

She: Oye, bas kar! Sab pata hai tera. Kitna kaam karta hai. Tujhe dekhkar upar kumbhkaran ko bhi sharam aati hogi.

Me: Very funny!  (Must say, girls are contagious).

She: Bas tu uske jitna mota nahi hai, otherwise raam leela me perfect fit hota.

Me: Whatever.

(She is giggling. I am feeling sleepy.)

Me(trying to regain lost ground): Aur tujhe shrupnakha ke role me lete. Mast lagte, hum dono bhai behen.

She: Very funny!


Parts of the conversation have been edited to maintain decency and privacy.
On a related note, I think Mohua (not equal to X) deserves a special mention for having a 100% accuracy in disturbing my sweet slumber. Be it 7 in the morn or evening, she never misses it.

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5 responses to “The She Conundrum-III

  1. ya i wake u up cz i love to do that.. thats my best time pass, my passion, my commitment and my call… thats y i am here on this earth.. n 2morrow’s (oops sry, today) is sunday.. dekh kaise teri neend barbaad karti hoon.. Huh, huh, huh!!!

  2. Great stuff dude …

    Piece of advice – Committed sleepers such as you, should keep their phones on silent mode – VIBRATOR OFF !

    Though I would imagine that would keep muah! away.(pun unintended)

    me: lol. U got me there….aakhir phone band karna kaun chahta hai….

  3. So, you finally made me visit ur blog. Tu ghar aa, u’re so dead. I made ‘puchi’ read this post, he is still laughing….tere dimaag me sote sote bhi bas yeh pjs hi aate hai na…..
    waise, a better pj would have been had puchi been the Ravana…and all three of us….lol..

    me: Very funny!

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