Laziness: Definitely a Virtue

lazinessEver tried lying in your bed all day long, doing nothing, and more of nothing, and a little more of nothing?

Light music playing in the background,  day-dreaming about absolutely arbit stuff, falling off asleep, getting up, more whimsical contemplations…eating some food, reading Calvin and Hobbes cartoon strip in the newspaper, calling up some friend and having a long telephonic conversation with her/him, checking latest cricket score on cricinfo…….

Finally getting off the bed around 6 pm, having a shower (the feeling you get when you bath after a week is unparalleled) followed by a Cheese Burst pizza for dinner, a light discussion with a friend about frivolous issues, calling up her busy working in her office/college, some more music, watching a small documentary (or latest episode of HIMYM) on computer, more sleep….Ah! eternal bliss.

We are taught right from the time we are born that laziness/sloth is a vice, a sin. One should work hard so as to provide himself with means to enjoy life. Well, if one can enjoy so much just lying in bed, why work? I am again off to sleep.


“If I don’t get up by 4 in the afternoon, I feel like I’ve wasted the whole day”

-Charlie Harper in Two and a Half Men.

3 responses to “Laziness: Definitely a Virtue

  1. U perfectly described your normal day at IIT hostel.. i wonder how u top your exams? Pure intelligence or bribery at work?
    Anyways, jokes apart, i could’nt have agreed more.. why work hard when you are getting a perfect life without it as well & we work hard in the first place to get a comfortable life.. what an irony.. And about doing ‘nothing’? Well you are the undisputed emperor of that.. no doubts about that..

    me: Bows low…thank u!

  2. ugh i submitted too quick

    but yeah i totallly am with u on that. haha i’ve had a wicked life for the past couple of months in a way … being sick … lyin in bed … albeit in pain …. but still kickin’ it … no working out … no working … no cooking … no cleanin … just relaxin’ …… but now, im ready to get back to work tho !!!! bohut ho gya.

    me: nice to hear that u r well now…Its amazing how work seems so much fun for a day after one has spent a week lying in bed.

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