Move on…

Five bottles of beer
Mixed with a drop of tear
Is ALL it took
To forget her look

My tears all dry
Whistled at a girl passing by
She responded with a kiss
Oh my my, what a lovely miss.

I took her out on a date
It all felt so great
That sad feeling gone
I’m no longer alone.

But was my love so shallow
To so quickly replace my angel’s halo
Oh, whatever, I don’t care
In love, everything is fair.

But today it hasn’t stopped to rain
With no bottle left, I again feel some pain
So, I’m mixing five bottles of tears
With that last drop of beer.

You, my love, were my life
But today,  am sitting with a knife
Why has the ink suddenly turned red
Without you, I wasn’t alive, so how can I again be dead?

If not in this world, atleast in hell
Even as destiny rings my death knell
My sweet angel, for me do not moan
I, as promised, have moved on.

P.S. The title comes from the English translation of the poem, “Aage Badho” posted earlier on this blog.

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