The She Conundrum-II

1400 hours. I am not feeling that well and am still sleeping. Suddenly the phone rings.

She: Hello Rubal, yaar emergency ho gayi hai, college aa sakta hai? (indiscernible sounds of excited talk and laughter from behind)

Me (still feeling dizzy): Hello?

She: Abe Rubal, aa sakta hai kya? Jaldi.

Me (trying my best to sound awake and not irritated): Hi. This is not Rubal here.

She: Chaante padenge ab tere. Rubal nahi hai. Chupchaap aa jaa.

Me (trying my best to sound awake and irritated): Main Ashish bol raha hoon. Aap kaun?

She: bahut pitega tu. Itne chaante lagaungi na tere ki bas… Main Achhichh bol raha hoon. Huh. Abe bhool gaya. Hum saath the Crossroads me fashion show me. Main, tu, vaibhav, rahul.

Me (finding her too cute, attempts some humor): Tumhe chaante maarne hain maar lena par main Rubal nahi ‘Ashish’ bol raha hoon. Anyways, I know Rubal, whom you are talking about.

She (asking someone on her end): Oye, yeh Rubal ka number nahi hai kya? Shit.

She (to me): Sorry. Please aap mujhe uska number message kar sakte hain?

Girls!!! I tell you. I have been since then trying to remember what her name was. What do you say, should I call her back and ask when is our slap date? Lol.

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7 responses to “The She Conundrum-II

  1. yaar galtiyan to sabhi se ho sakti hain.. it cud as well hav been a guy in her place.. poor soul.. btw how abt a “he- conundrum”??? lets c hw u handle that… ur female chars hav always been stronger & more pronounced + prominent than their male counterparts in stories, poems etc.. any particular reasons??

    me: a guy wouldn’t have said “itne chaante padenge” over and over again to a girl………A He-conundrum, well thats for girls to write about. No particular reason, I guess I feel girls have more depth (emotions, feelings etc), so I get more stuff to write about. And I like the challenge to try and get into a girl’s shoes and see her perspective.

  2. yaar, I will simply die laughing. Its nice to hear the other side’s story for a change sometimes. Never before reading this, did I think what effect my silly ways might have on guys around me.

    I really like your blog. Keep up the good work.

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