The She Conundrum

She: What will you do if suppose I died tomorrow?

Me: Arrange for a funeral.

She: You are so unromantic.

Me: Oh, I’m so sorry, darling. Let’s do it again.

She: What will you do if I were to die tomorrow?

Me: Hmm…Go to a late night pub and enjoy my freedom. Send a message to all the girls on my contacts list that I’m single again.

She: Ashish, I’ll kill you and then I’ll message all the guys. Leave it, tune kabhi serious answer toh dena hota nahi.

Me: Sorry, Sorry. Ek last time. Is baar serious pakka.

She: What will you do if I died tomorrow?

Me: What will I do? There won’t be anything left worth doing. There is no meaning of my existence without you, jaan. I’ll shut myself up, look at our photos all day long, cry and cry and wait for my “physical” death. Please never ever say again that you will leave me alone.

She: Oh, my baby. Why do you love me so much? I don’t deserve it. Promise me, you won’t do anything like that. Just arrange a nice funeral for me, then go to some disc, chill out and find yourself someone better than me.

Moral: Its easier to understand abstract algebra and topology than a girl.

6 responses to “The She Conundrum

  1. dekh i doubt kisike saath tera yeh conversation hua hoga… so u’ve done a pretty good job of understanding how the replies are from a girl’s side…that in itself is an achievement….

    me: well, it did happen about three years ago….a line or two idhar-udhar

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