That Thing called Love

If Love is a blessing, why are there tears in my eyes
If Love is a curse, why do I still yearn to hear his voice.

If Love is a joyride, why are there so many bumps en route
if Love is an ordeal, why do I still dance to its flute.

If Love is divine, why am I turning into an atheist of late
If Love is satanic, why do I wanna play devil’s advocate.

Because its not when the cupid strikes but when he pulls out the arrow
that it hurts the most
Dreams shattered, vision blurred, emotions smothered,
like a paradise lost

Because the tears may dry out, but the pain remains
I am smiling for the world just to cover the bloodstains.

Because even though pain and tears was all that it gave me
It was such a wonderful feeling to call me and you as WE.

P.S. The title comes from a novel by Tuhin Sinha.

5 responses to “That Thing called Love

  1. Nice change of template.. tho d last 1 ws much btr.. it ws kind of more organised.. btw “his voice”.. dostana effect or u forgot to add a post note? Lolz. I liked d poem. Good.

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