I so very want to title this post ‘Memoirs of A-shisha’, but due to copyright issues and all, I have to stick to the usual-‘Banters’. Finally, winters seem to be here and am loving it. Sitting on (or is it in?) the front porch, I can hear little kids playing ‘Tipee Tipee Tip, what color you want?’ in the streets below (little ones who have got no idea about the ongoing recession and how they should be more frugal) and I am once again lost in my reveries. This vacation has been a hell lot of fun. Generally, I like to spend the holidays trying to learn something new or improve upon myself (as if there is scope beyond perfection) but this time I decided to actually enjoy the vacations. So, every day I get up around 10 in the morning (granny is staying with us these days, so my DAD has finally found an accomplice in ruining my sleep every morning), go for a short walk in the park (I am a staunch believer of “jab jaago tabhi savera”), read newspapers for an hour or so and then have a shower (yes everday, that’s the only downside to holidays, I am at home and have to bathe everyday) followed by a short two hour nap. Now my sis, after all these years, has finally become one of my biggest fans for my ability to sleep for any number of hours at any time of the day (20 hours in a day was my best performance this month). After that lunch, MTV, sometimes another siesta, random driving on Delhi roads, checking out ‘stuff’ at various malls and multiplexes, more MTV……And while my family watch the seemingly endless sequence of Balika Vadhu, Main teri Parchhayee hoon, Bidaai, Utaran, Jaane Kya Baat Hui from 8 to 11, I come upstairs, sit on the swing in (or is it on?) the porch and ponder over random stuff or read some novel (by the way, The White Tiger is awesome. I am surprised how it won the Booker cuz its written in this very simple language, nothing verbose like Arundhati or metaphysical like Rushdie. The sarcastic and dark humor of Adiga and the manner in which he lifts and rips apart the illusory veil of India Shining makes this one a must read. It doesn’t get better……..). It doesn’t get better……..

December is also the season of DU fests and following the 4-year old tradition, I went to SRCC’s CrossRoads again this year. No parking space, so we drove to the nearby Ramjas College and asked the guard if we could park in the faculty parking, and he understandably said no, what with the heightened security and all in the wake of Mumbai attacks. My friend took out a twenty from his wallet and again understandably the guard saluted when we drove out the last car in
the parking lot at around 9. Incredible India!! I was watching Zoom last night and SRK in an interview said that if we want our governments not to be corrupt, we have to become honest first. But sometimes I feel Corruption is an essential driving force in a developing economy (how and why….leave that for now). The fashion show rocked and the crowd was ooohhhhhh……hot. The next day, KK was performing LIVE and it seemed that the entire DU had turned up
there, it was completely crazy, people shoving each other to get inside, then kicking each other to get out (it was so jam-packed, you could hardly breathe….)….but once KK came on the stage and serenaded the crowd with his magical voice… was worth all the kicks and pushes. As for parking on the second day, we drove straight to Ramjas, parked the car without even asking the guard and drove out at 9 without paying the guard. I still feel cheated for the first day….lol

I often stand in front of the mirror and observe myself minutely but I have never been able to find why people bump into me only even in a crowd. I already wrote about the depressed guy I met in the bus (Reality-Bytes), then there is this guy I again met in a bus and spent an entire hour trying to convince him that I don’t want an insurance policy, then these three guys I ran into on three different days, each one asking for bus-fare as they had lost their wallets
or had been picketed (my dad says this is some kind of a trick to make you take out your wallet….), and every time I have the same standard excuse- Sorry, I just have a five hundred rupee note (well, we all have used this one on friends).

I went to my school Fashion show after some two years and the teachers simply refused to recognize me. I had to literally beg to get an entry. Maybe, I have grown smarter and handsomer, thats why the confusion, lol.

Then there was this Congratulations party thrown for the winning MLA from our area, all the political big shots there and their phoney speeches made me puke. Though the gulaab-jamuns were delicious.

Enough for the day, I guess….Have a great ending to the year…..enjoy urself…cheers!!!

I intended to post this around mid-Decembery but the dates weren’t auspicious so….

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