Late Night Delirium….

It’s nearing half past three on a rather cold November night but somehow I am not able to sleep. The date on the calendar reads 14, so its Children’s Day today. Guess, I will blab a little on that theme. Among the innumerable things I have lost over the past 21 years, I miss being a child the most. Carefree, innocent, oblivious of the world, lost in his own dream world. A child, for whom happiness means coming back from school, watching Tom and Jerry (I know these days kids watch ShinChan and stuff, but T&J remains my all time favorite….and my usual stress-buster), and then playing outside (or video games) till dusk. A child, who doesn’t need to care about what the girl next door will think of his stupid crumpled hair-do, what mobile phone to buy to flaunt among his friends, what status message to write on Gtalk (this is a newly catching fad, Source: CLICK- What millions of people are doing online and why it matters by Bill Tancer), which photographs to upload on Orkut, future planning etc..etc….

They generally say, Money can buy everything but happiness. I can’t think of any quote which would be more apt to describe my life right now. Its not that I am sad or unhappy. On the contrary, I am quite enjoying myself. But I guess I have stopped enjoying the small things in life and the problem is bigger things never bring happiness, they just leave you craving for more. What wouldn’t I give to again enjoy the prospect of going out for a movie or dinner, to jump happily on being told that there is no school/college for the next two days (yeah, I still get happy with this but momentarily), to revel like the Supreme Ruler of the World on clearing another stage of Contra or Mario, to sleep as soon as I hit the bed and dream about scoring a century in the school recess….

Somewhere, I think we all need to shed the garb of this adulthood and just be a child. To quote Nida Fazli,

Soch samajh waalo ko thodi naadaani de maula……………..


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