I Love You

Well, we are no longer together……..but while it lasted, it was the best thing to have ever happened to me…….and though I wanted this one to be a personal post…..I guess…through this post I just want to tell her (yes, despite all tall claims about my alternate sexuality, I am into girls), no matter how we ended up, I still care for you……..

Written in those golden days……..

I sit on my desk
To write a poem for you
But I can’t find the right words
So, I just scribble, ‘I love you’.

I try again, another time
But still the words won’t rhyme
I take a look at your pic
Nah, still no thoughts click

Thirty minutes and three hours have passed
And still the sheet is blank and bare
Either the magic of our love has faded
Or I have lost my poetic flair.

I write your name all over the sheet
suddenly it all rhymes as if following a beat
The expressions get a new depth, a new meaning
Like a romantic ode to you by Ronan Keating.

My poems, like my life are incomplete without you
I am harsh on you at times, but *****, I love you.

8 responses to “I Love You

  1. beautiful poem.. touched my heart.. indeed the name of ur ‘special someone’ can suffice the need for all rhymes n rhythms in one’s life.. the poems that come directly from hearts touch hearts..

  2. gosh! i was touched too! hats off to ur poetic flair…n hats off to ur courage actually dat even after u rnt together u decide to put it up in ur blog…dats sweet actually 🙂

    love is indeed something without which life is grossly incomplete…n even the non-rhyming words seem to rock ur life in a rhythm as if some uncanny power is singing a lullaby to u…to make u fall asleep into a deep slumber…so that u can give wings to ur dreams n never have to wake up to face the other realities that love gets along with it…even the blank chapters of ur life seem to be so fulfilling dat a blank page after 3 hours doesn’t matter nemore…

    wud b looking forward to a few oder such touching posts! 🙂

  3. @ashish
    thanks for dropping in……hope to see u around…..

    hey, thanks a lot for that wonderful comment….I totally agree with you….Love indeed is the most special feeling in the world.

  4. hats off!!! havent read such a touching poem ever… the thing that ur poem for her is just her name is so so sweet, cute, touching…. did she read this???

    me: yes, she did read this……..thnx anyways…..

  5. wow……m touched……
    even wen ur no more into it….u still feel the magic of it nd som how one way or the other it brings a smile on ur face,no matter how harsh the experience wud have been….it truely does make u feel the essence again som time later in ur life.

    me: Love, its rough but still the most cherished feeling.

  6. Well just awesome….
    Every poem looks beautiful and so is yours
    definitely it takes something to think about a disconnected link..
    Things go wrong in life without mistakes (or with them , who cares)
    but it’s really highly appreciating that you put such a wonderful poem 🙂

    me: Thnx! Yups, things go wrong, and we have no control over them….

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