Meandering Thoughts….

Ever since Dan Brown’s Da Vinci Code, anagrams have captured my imagination. Ranging from the innocuous yet humorous Woman Hitler for “Mother-in-law” to wisecracks like A rope ends it for “Desperation” to the bitter truths of life like Alas! No more Zs for “Snooze Alarms”. The list goes on but my favourites are the ones which I cracked myself……The top three contenders are:

  1. Slash in Jihad for “Ashish Jindal” and still people think I am an atheist.
  2. Jail his Hands again for “Ashish Jindal” (yes, I am self-obsessed…). Umm…well I haven’t yet done anything that serious but handcuffs……they sure are a turn-on (*wink*).
  3. O, You Evil for “I Love You”. Need I say more.


Thanks to Amitabh Bachchan and Aaj Tak, nearly every college-goer knows about the “blogging-revolution” and everyday more and more people are joining the bandwagon.  An entire WordPress is added to Blogspot every month (remember the Geography books……India adds an Australia every year to its population…….No offence to WordPress, just that nearly everyone I know is on Blogspot……….please WordPress, don’t block my account….I will say good things about you in some other post). Like it was with Orkut scrap-count, people are now going gaga about the number of comments and blog-visits. So, most of the comments I read on fellow bloggers’ posts (hardly anyone comments on my blog…..) go something like, “nice post….visit my blog…..” or “nice blog….P.S. blog updated“. Rarely do I come across a comment where the person actually says anything even remotely connected with the post……Yes, you are right…I have moved on from my “Orkut Hai Hai” rhetoric to Blog-Bashing.


Back to Orkut…….

“Your happiness is intertwined with your outlook on life”, thats what my “TODAY”S FORTUNE” says on Orkut. My dictionary says fortune means either luck (especially, good luck) or a large amount of money or assets… the above-mentioned one-liner fits the bill….is kind of Greek to me. Anyways, thats not my point. All our lives, we keep running after one thing or the other, we toil hard to achieve our goals, but the moment we get there, we start lamenting for something else. I don’t think pushing the bar higher everytime is wrong but one should not forget to enjoy the small achievements on course.


8 responses to “Meandering Thoughts….

  1. hmm…so hopefully u didnt hvta stay up all night for this considering it took u over an hr to write th first para… aur tu har cheez ko criticise karna band kar…orkut se itna nafrat hai…then quit it…

  2. LOL!!

    Those anagrams are sooo YOU!

    Jail his hands.. rofl..

    Well, everyone IS blogging these days.
    The other day I took an auto from CP.. and beileve.. (no kidding! seriously!).. the auto wallah handed me achit witha URL.. and said “Madam, ye mera blog hai.. zarror dekhiyega.. english mein hi hai..”

    To say the least… i was stumped!

    And orkut-vorkut..
    to tell u the truth….
    aage post nahi padhi yaar… it seemed forced.. so, i lost interest..


  3. @ks
    just that wenever I write serious/meaningful stuff, thngs which I actually mean…..ppl somehow find it forced….may b i m too good a crapster to write sense….lol!!!

  4. “o, you evil” for “i love you”.. hmm.. dunno bt luv is such a bful feeling that it can go on inspiring ppl even wen its over.. the relationship might hav died, bt the emotions persist..
    yes, ur outlook on lyf does determine ur happiness.. bt most imp u hav to convince urslf that u need to take the reins of ur lyf in ur own hand n convince urslf that u kno ur best.. aftr that everythng falls into right place automatically..

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