Chronicles Of A Death Foretold…

Disclaimer: This post is not a book review and has got absolutely nothing to do with Gabriel Garcia’s novel. However, the idea of the post isn’t very original.

Remember the good old school days when the English teacher would give us an assignment to write an obituary. Most of the times, we imagined that our English teacher was dead herself (wishful day-dreaming, alas!!!) and wrote an obituary for her. Bored with it, someone suggested that we write an obituary for ourselves. At that time, it was sheer fun as we made words metamorphose us into some kind of demigods, whose untimely demise has left the entire world bereaved and a place not worth living anymore.

But as I sit all alone in my room, tired of following the herd, imitating fads, confirming to societal norms and searching for a goal in my life, I guess it would be worthwhile to stop for a moment, look back and chronicle the past 21 years of my rather uneventful existence (What an irony, this blog’s tagline says, “Threading the remains of an adventurous life……”) and what better way to do it than an obituary. To avoid being carried away and writing too much crap, I would stick to the format suggested at (so much for ingenuity, innovation and related crap…..I guess Creativity these days has become synonymous with Google-searching skills……and I wouldn’t be surprised if in future, there is a new course in our curriculum for that…..)


New Delhi– Ashish Jindal, died October 19, 2008 out of sheer boredom and passivity. Born April 29, 1987 in Jind district of Haryana, he grew up and wasted most of his life in Delhi. Always a bookworm, he worked his way up to get an admission in IITD and was known all his life just for that. Sandwiched between a desire to excel academically and to lead a cool life, he found himself in a state of perennial dilemma and spent most of the time in his room watching sitcoms, listening to music and reading novels. A mathematician, by education, he always did thorough mental calculations and SWOT analysis before taking any action, even loving someone. An excellent team-worker, he always moved with the flow avoiding the vice of having a personal opinion. Though a self-proclaimed atheist, he secretly revered money as the supreme power governing the world. A noble soul, he would be always remembered by his creditors.

Surviving are his parents and two elder sisters.

The memorial services will be held at 11 am, Tuesday, October 21, at IITD hockey grounds.

Memorials may be made to SB-2, Shivalik House, IITD.

P.S. I started writing a humorous obituary but then……of late I have not been feeling like it……….

4 responses to “Chronicles Of A Death Foretold…

  1. its considered ominous to write an obituary before a person’s death.. still u being an atheist, i dont expect u to pay attention to this small detail..
    dunno y bt this post has got a lot of negativism in it.. u cud hav mentioned some of ur good qualities as well.. if u cant think of any, i can gladly step up as the co- author…

  2. ominous….hmm….as u said I cudn’t care less… for the negativism, it depends on your perspective…..I merely intended it as a sarcastic remark on the money-minded lifestyles of ours…..

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