of internship, orkut and etc….

Has been long since I last updated my blog. But I have been so tired, what with the internship going on, that at times I couldn’t even muster up the energy to wink/ogle/stare at the cute girl passing by me. Now, I am no roadside romeo or eve-teaser but this ogling is sometimes necessary for ego-satiation of the girls (and me being such a feminist, can’t see a girl’s vanity hurt just cuz of me….lolz). Talking of females (Sometimes I feel I am obssessed with them) and ogling,  there is this new (atleast for me) radio station called Meow, exclusively for girls but somehow everyone in my office cab (all males….The Hindus got it right, “is janam ke karmo ka phal, isi janam mein bhugatna padta hai…..”lolz…) is completely hooked to it. Meow, by the way reminds me of two things, one of my best friends whom I call kitty and the recent release Jaane Tu Yaa Jane Naa. Nice flick….though old story…but presented freshly enough….atleast you come out of the cinema hall with a smile on your face as against Aamir which was a complete torture.  

Enough of digressions (reading Salman Rushdie’s Midnights Children these days…..so can’t help digressing…), so the day before, the RJs on this Meow channel had this interesting question for girls, ‘What’s the first thing that you notice about a guy?’. And quite surprisingly (atleast for me), most of the callers responded saying “We see where (which body part) the guy is focussing on while talking to us”. Interesting, as me, being this very very shy guy, generally focus on the legs…nah…. sandals…nah…”zameen” while talking to a girl for the first time…..lolz….But yes, I think looking in the eyes while talking is the best way.

Somehow, Orkut always finds a place in most of my posts. I don’t know why but I am maxo irritated with Chirkut but still cant help logging on every once in a while ( actually having nothing better to do). So, my latest grudge (as if it matters) is against those a-holes ( one of my friends once mentioned, my posts have more holes than the Indian roads…..poor Pj…..somehow office life has completely ruined my sense of humor…assuming earlier I had one) who keep their profile name as “Bye friends….Going to delete my profile soon…” I am sick of shedding virtual tears (using Emote!) on their untimely virtual demise. Dear friends, if you want to delete your profile, go ahead and delete. The void created by you (your name no longer shining on recent visits list)  will always be felt but please don’t make it difficult for us to bear the loss by making such announcements. If its just that you want people to flood your scrapbook with, “tussi jaa rahe ho, tussi mat jaao”  messages, and you are anyways going to get back with a new profile (cuz nearly all girls have blocked/ignored your current account and you need to come back in a new avtaara  with cute names but as usual ugly intentions), then FUCK OFF…….huh!!!

Have a nyc weekend…njoy!


3 responses to “of internship, orkut and etc….

  1. i am so sick of people goin on n on about janne tu ….
    anyway what office did to u is what college is doin to me…. i’m like so tired these days… n apparently i’m gettin mentally tortured by my ridiculous juniors!!!!!
    d orkut was so hilarious n yet so rightly said!! rock on!!

  2. hehe…nice post… yea girls do like guys giving them attention as long as that’s all that they are doing…and if u really just stare at th ground while talkin to them, as u mention, then m pretty sure they dnt mind at all… (this comes frm a girl whoz had men staring just below the neck area forever… as if it was in line with their eyesight…lol…)… n yea orkut is a necessary evil… u hate it bt u cant leave it….

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