One of my main hobbies is to “act”

(this means that I claim I am not one) 

like a complete pervert and then look at the reactions of people around me.

 Such a hobby is in itself perverse,

 so I have this hobby becuase I have the hobby.


P.S. dunno what I was thinking,….why I wrote that…having written this…am myself confused….but all the same, updating it just to baffle you, being the pervert I am. Lol…

5 responses to “Catch-22

  1. interesting.. so u r finally accepting dat u r a completely “nautanki” n that u shd rather b in NSD than in IITD.. tho both d posts luk rather saddy.. dunno y..

  2. hm.. u u frustoo or wat?
    kahana-wana nahi milta kya??

    and yeahh.. u DO seem to have lost ur sense of humour..
    i hope u return to ur cheeky arrogant self once u r bak at IITD.

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