Loving you is my only Sin*

For someone ‘special’

In dreams and reality
Be it a haze or blinding clarity.

In facts and fiction
Be it attention or stupor of addiction.

In thoughts and visions
Be it deja vu or hallucinatory delusions.

In the holy Ramayana and Koran
Be it Allah, Ram, Rahim or Rahman.

In the bubble of desires
Be it power, fame or just the old sapphires.

In the vagaries of life
Be it an enchantress or hanging by the knife.

In the blizzard of emotions
Be it spontaneous or some crappy notions.

In the carefree days of blissful teenage
Be it “pure unadulterated fun” or sum mischievous sacrilege.

In this world or some other milky way
I’ll love you my princess every day. (what will do at night then?? *wink wink*)

* read it in some poem on some blog.

6 responses to “Loving you is my only Sin*

  1. very bfully written… so our very own Mr.J has finally a “someone special” in his life n my, my! wat luv struck u look… luvd d title as well… cute use of antonyms…

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