Well, the “NO-IDEA” police has completely screwed up the Aarushi Murder case. And the news channels have played no less important role in the same. All of them seem to be in a mad race to sensationalize the issue, to make money out of someone’s plight and grief, but in the end whosoever wins, the loser will be the society, u and me. The most appalling factor is the complete lack of sensitivity shown by these so called “news” channels. The way the channels claimed about Aarushi’s relationships with Hemraj without having any proof, I feel like filing a defamation case against them. We all just sit idle, saying, this isn’t happening to us, but the way these 24X7 news channels are flourishing, it may very well happen to u.

The channels claim that they are a mirror of the modern society, that they are bringing to the fore important issues, that it was because of them that justice was delivered in Jessica Lal case, that they have done several sting operations to unmask the corrupt politicians. But what the news channels fail to realize is that with power comes responsibility. They have the power to make any dormant issue a burning rage throughout the nation, thats why media is often referred as the fourth pillar of democracy but they should also realize that they can also end up ruining someone’s life. I have no issues with these channels being obsessed with KHALI, showing completely stupid laughter shows, telling us about who broke up or who patched up in the glamour world,  it’s just business. But this doesn’t give them a right to intrude in someone’s private life. Say for example, it turns out that in fact, all that has been said by the police, is work of just a rather creative mind among the police force, what then?? The news channels would say all kind of things about the police, ask us to send sms to express our opinion and that’s it. But the damage that has been done to the Talwar family and even if they are guilty, to Aarushi is irreversible. I agree that they have to report all the facts to their viewers….but my only point is they can report it in a better way. News shows with names like “Papa, tune mujhe kyun maara?” (even before he has been proved guilty) just go on to show that these channels just want to play with the emotions of the general public and convert it into moolah. It’s high time that the government comes out with some guidelines for the news channels as well, Maybe Ramadoss should be made the I&B minister. But all said and done, I don’t think I no longer believe what these channels have to say and nowadays prefer watching business channels to these fucking news channels……


4 responses to “Rants

  1. powerfully written… ur anger is justified, these news channels make bussiness out of other ppl’s probs… n they r supposed to serve d public (huh! u must b joking)… infact most of d news chanels either contradict each other or their previous reports or d newspapers… nothng they can is wid proof backing them up… they r jus interested in sensationalising d issue so dat big bucks keep rolling in…dey jus kno hw to misuse their power, n talk abt responsibility (dey dnt evn kno d meaning of it)… nt to forget d senti songs dey play in d backgroung (tujhe sab hai pata meri maa…)

  2. ‘ these channels just want to play with the emotions of the general public and convert it into moolah’ exactly!

    they are news channels.. all they are sposd to do is simply.. just show the news.. its up to the viewers to decide wat to make out of them!

    and this arushi case has been blown out of proportions.. his father.. already accused and his image maligned! fine.. these guys say they hav the proof… but then who r they to decide his fate… i guess there’s a jury for that purpose!!

    AND… Khali!! mannnnnn!!! evn if that guys does nuthin more than sneeze.. its national news!!
    pahleez.. giv us a brk!!

  3. agree to every word…. couldn’t have said any better myself….
    apparently there is some news that d police went thru her e-mails…. n which one of them shes wriiten to her dad… papa i’m upset with you or somethin like that… this mail is a year old i think….. n can u imagine they r holdin it against him? i mean this is so stupid….. bloody damn news channels…..
    u have all right to frustrated buddy

  4. sadly enough true.

    i remember the time media was being damned brutal and asking hurtful questions to a child who survived a school bus accident and was crying, half with pain and half bcos he had lost his friends.
    the reporter was asking stupid questions like, “how do u feel now?”

    obviously he is feeling bad enough already without having u trying to stuff a mike up his nose!

    very insensitive.
    and in aarushi’s case the clueless police actually discusses their silly doubts as well.
    and we just lap it up.

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