Shame on YOU!!!!

Dreams in her eyes
Ambitions to reach the skies
She steps into the city
Her spirits high, her heart flies.

The buildings, the malls, the shops
people working on their laptops
The freedom enthralls her
opportunities call her.

She lives in a cramped room
But she doesn’t mind
She just wants to earn a living
But the city ain’t that kind.

Everywhere she goes people stop and stare
She feels naked in front of their ugly glares
Undressing her in their filthy heads
Thinking of cheap things to do with her in the bed.

Jumping, hopping to get a little peek
Trying to take advantage as she is a little weak
Brushing by her breasts, by mistake
Saying sorry, but it’s all a fake.

She boards a bus
But it’s all the same
They call themselves human
But, alas! what’s in a name.

The passengers pass lewd comments
The conductor goes phew!!!
But she doesn’t give a damn
She has got an interview.

Come, come on you Chinkie
Show, show me your pinkie
Sit, sit on my lap
Let’s have a little nap.
This and a hell lot of crap
Is all she got
But she kept her faith in the city
And till the end she fought.

Tears in her eyes
Pain yet a resolve in her voice
Placating herself, she shows her certificates
But the only degree required is a fucking date.

Office after office, she tries her luck
But everyone just wanna give her a ‘nice little’ fuck.
Wherever she went, it was the same old case
Still she pursued her quest, with a smile on her face.

But as the money began to fall, so did her hope
The ignominy of failure, she just cudn’t cope
In her depression, she started to dope
And when it became too much, chose the rope…
Chose the rope, Chose the rope!!!!!

Every time, there is a rape
You sneer, you jeer, you cuss
Blame it on the ‘easy’ girl
And make a little fuss.

Bit sitting in your filthy offices
Ponder for a while
Why on seeing a lonely girl
There is always a crooked smile.

Why cleavage is more important than mind
Why on seeing a rape, you all turn blind.
Why the girls in your home are sisters, on the roads a whore
Why on seeing a helpless girl, your virility soar.

Why you are a feminist to the world
A rapist inside
You animal, hypocrite
Why torturing someone gives you so much pride…..

If this is what you call modernity
If this is what you call equality
If this is what you call liberty
If this is what you call humanity

Inspired by a hell lot of rap songs and real life incidents. Haven’t cared about a good rhyming scheme or correct tenses or grammar…..these things have been postponing nearly all my posts…

11 responses to “Shame on YOU!!!!

  1. so finally my dear, dear frnd hav realised d importance of bein more diverse n hav agrred to move on to different genres other than humour and romance… n that too without including any rape scene… *phew*
    totally socially relevant… very nicely expressed n wid right amount of emotions… no unnecessary crappiness or melodrama included…. i can actually relate to it…. bravo… *clap clap*… very nice

  2. “good rhyming scheme or correct tenses or grammar” dont guarantee a noble thought…. this is a hit all right….

  3. wowww!! thats impressing allright..

    n as mohua has mentioned .. i guess its better without a good rhyming scheme or correct grammar..
    wat matters most is the thought that you’ve portrayed and portrayed it well!

    it deals with ‘those’ issues withut actually getting too much .. well… ahem.. sexual..

    n now uve lost ur position as the “crap king”

    srry.. but u shud be definitely stripped off that ‘honour’

    u do write meaningful, expressive and consequential stuff aftr all!!

    do continue..!!!!

  4. n this was the first topic i discussed with u… serious discussion i mean..
    though, towards the end it got a lil carried away.. n went on to the ‘lock-n-key’ theory.. rmmbr??

  5. Breathtaking! I almost felt like u were talking abt a girl I know of!
    No need to rhyme..ur poem blew my mind out!
    Great going!
    Rhyming it would hav taken out the seriousness i feel.
    Beautiful! And mind you,i never say beautiful unless I feel so!

  6. hey there!!!!!
    really stunning poem….n being somewhat a feminist i loved it even more more…..
    one of d finest poems i have read in a long time….
    couldn’t stop much of rap…. bt chuck it….. it’s great anyway
    it stings with truth n thats d best bit 🙂
    as 4 me…. m back to my blog… tryin to make it up n runnin once again…. hope u cya there soon 🙂

  7. @aru

    ***bowing low***

    rap…yeah….eminem was playing in the background all the tym wen I wrote it…
    tagged….lets see…I am still to complete one u tagged me last summer, something abt 5 books I loved…..Hopefully, this tym…..

    keep visiting (tho I don’t generally update)

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