Is it this easy to love her?*

I may look at you, yet not see you.
I may listen to you, yet not hear you.
I may touch you, yet not feel you.
I may be near you, yet not smell your scent.
I may kiss you, yet not know the difference.
I may accompany you, yet not be with you.
You may think you know me, yet not understand me.
Sometimes a friend, sometimes a foe.
Sometimes a soulmate, sometimes a stranger.
I may confuse you, yet interest you.
I may baffle you, yet enchant you.
I may be sweet, I maybe bitter.
And all you are left to wonder is,
Is it this hard to love her?
*This poem has been penned by my dear friend Mohua Dutta and donated to me to keep my blog alive…….Thanks!!!

3 responses to “Is it this easy to love her?*

  1. Yeah.. may be .. lolz
    Somehow, now I remember the reason i had liked your work in the first place… 😉

    P.S.: Posts raining.. sure sign of exams 🙂 All the best dear 🙂

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