Well, it was the BHM night this Sunday. With our hostel again managing to live upto its legacy of not winning anything, there was nothing much to do after the dinner. So we decided to go to Priyas to watch Black and white. It is without doubt one of the better movies Subhash Ghai has made (when compared with Kisna….) and the suspense and thrill in the movie kept us on the edge of our seats (ready to flee any moment, were it not for the 130 odd bucks that we had shelled out for the tickets, I don’t think we would have lasted the torture…..’paisa insaan ko kis hudd tak gira deta hai’). The sensitive yet elegantly presented plot and well etched out characters left you asking for more(I mean more pop-corns…..I can’t imagine how people used to tolerate such movies in times when there were no popcorns or pepsi….). As for acting, newcomer Anubhav Sinha has given one of the most memorable performances of all times (given that in the entire movie, he had the same expression, same stance, same dialogue delivery, you can’t forget it evenif you want to…..)

I don’t know why I decided to attend Signals and Systems class this morning after bunking eleven straight lectures since minor 1. I was, expectedly, at a complete loss during the entire class and passed my time jotting down random lines that came to my mind……..

I don’t deny
that I made you cry
But for all the laughs that we’ve shared
let’s give it another try.

I don’t deny
that I left you alone
but for all the golden moments that we spent together
one last time, please pick up the phone.

I don’t deny
that I was rude
But if you think that I ever loved you
Please don’t leave me in this solitude.

I don’t deny
that I was reckless about you
But let me tell you one thing
Baby, I can’t live without you.

6 responses to “Rants…..

  1. ‘made you cry’, ‘left you alone’,
    ‘i was rude,reckless about you’…

    sounds soooo familiar….

    so like the typical YOU!!
    aint it?

  2. short n very sweet…. luks like cuming straight out of a broken heart [;)] i guess after every fresh break up, both the parties think on the same lines, waiting for the other to call n say these things… bt EGO…. tab yahi poems kaam aati hai apni feelings express karne ke liye…

    btw tune kya kuch beda utha rakha hai experimental films ka????

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