Four schools/colleges/jobs I’ve been at in my life
1. Shishu Niketan, my lovely pre-nursery school, where my mum ‘dumped’ me every morning to have a sigh of relief.
2. Doon Public School.
3. IIT DELHI, currently killing my time here.
4. University of Nottingham, UK.

Four TV shows I love to watch
1. FRIENDS. Well, I don’t think I need to say anything. I’ve often shown grit enough to avoid drinking but an episode of FRIENDS never fail to tie me up even if I have a big fucking Major next morning. It’s just the best. You can watch any season, any episode, any number of times. I hope Ekta Kapoor also watch it someday.
2. Office Office. Yes, the comedy is repetitive, and nearly all of the episodes follow a common theme, but still one of the few Indian comedy shows which managed to maintain a good humor level without being crappy.
3. Any crap on MTV. Especially love Mia. She’s hot. Though my style of watching is a little different. I normally play music on my laptop, switch off the TV’s volume and enjoy the best of both, audio and visual. Lol…
4. Sarabhai vs Sarabhai. Yeah, you guessed it right. I just suck for comedy. One of the rather “sophisticated”comedies, the characters and their idiosyncrasies always have me in splits.

Four movies I can watch over and over
1. Hera Pheri. One of the rare good Indian comedies. Akshay, Suniel (sounds like an all-action movie) and Paresh give one hell hell of a performance. No crappiness, no repetitive jokes, this one is simply too good. I remember watching it almost everyday on CD during one of my summer vacations.
2. Notting Hill. One of the best romances I have watched. The enthralling background score adds to the beauty of a simple yet elegant movie. “It ain’t no sunshine when she’s gone. It’s not warm when she is away”. Beautiful…
3. Andaz Apna Apna.
4. Can’t think of any right now….

Four books I liked the most (read in recent times)
1. The Kite Runner. The emotional undercurrent that you can feel in each and every dialogue is simply amazing. The manner in which Khaleid has expressed the feelings of a young boy fighting to win the approval of his father, a servant’s loyality to his master, the feeling of guilt….you can actually see the scenes transpiring right in front of you.
2. Catcher in the Rye. I don’t think any teenager can read and not like this classic by J.D.Salinger.
3. Harry Potter Series.
4. A thousand splendid suns. Well, I was a little vary about reading this one. Having read Kite Runner, I was excited to pick it up but was a little sceptical that Khaleid might overdo the entire Afghanistan thing a little too much. But, he has pulled off a brilliant book once again. The best part about Hosseini is that he tells things without giving any personal biased view about anyone. The novels have a storyline of their own and the problems of Afghanistan just seem to naturally entwine with the plot.

Four places I have lived
1. My home in Delhi
2. IITD Hostel, Delhi. just luv it…even tho d food suxx…
3. Julana, a small village in Haryana….my home place…just love it for its simplicity, slow carefree life, tubewells, and the Re 1 ke 3 golgappas…. .
4. Nottingham, UK. Spent around two and a half months in this pulsating city located in central England.

Four places I have been on holiday (in the last couple of years)
1. Shimla. I think it was April’06. First year in IIT and first trip with new friends…There were seven of us…Can’t forget the bus journey from Kalka to Shimla (for all the wrong reasons…*wink*), the poster outside our hotel window, the late night movie watched lying in the empty cinema hall (the movie sucked bigtym, and we left after about half an hour), the arbit hiking expeditions (with Surdy going, “yaar yahan nahi jaate. woh keh raha hai wahan sher hai”)….. It doesn’t get better than this.
2. Goa. Seven days in heaven with friends after a hellish semester.
3. Manali.
4. Scotland. Its minus two degree celsius. It’s raining. The wind is blowing you away. And you are out in the middle of a Loch (lake) searching the Loch-Monster. Perfect.

Four of my favourite dishes
1. Mooli ke paranthe…..can eat it as many times in a day, month, year as possible….Missing home….missing mom… There are somethings in life that money can’t buy.
2. Tomato Soup, prepared by my cute little sis. She rocks!!!!
3. Rajma Chawal
4. Golgappe….. I know it doesn’t count as a dish…. but I just cant let go… Every time I go home, the first thing I do, is go to the nearby Jwala Heri Market and treat myself with the most amazing “water-balls” in the world. Mmmm….am already drooling….

Four websites I visit daily
1. Google/GMAIL: I can’t imagine how my Dad used to live/find himself in a google-less world. I would be getting a zero in almost every assignment and exam, if it were not for Google.
2. Wikipedia: Well, nearly all my fundas come directly from here.
3. Orkut: Well, kind of bored of it now.. But still, one of the best ways of keeping in touch.
4. HindustanTimes.com/TOI.com: At least in the winters. Don’t feel like going downstairs to read. It’s so good to just lie in ur blanket and read who screwed up whom last night.

Four music tracks playing on my comp(of late)
1. Shh….by Donora
2. Nothing else matters by Metallica…
3. Humrahi by Atif Aslam
4. In the army now…

Four places I would rather be right now
1. Some far off village, away from all mobile connections, internet, with just a few friends.
2. In my room, music playing on my computer, a novel in my hands, delectable home-made cookies by my side, dozing off and on…
3. Debating downstairs. Got a Parliamentary debate event tomorrow. But fu**ing assignments keeping me busy.
4. Watching a movie.

Four blogs I visit religiously
1. http://www.nishiaggarwal.blogspot.com. Visit it at your own peril. Don’t blame me if you get addicted.
2. http://www.thedifferentdimension.com
3. http://www.akshaypande.blogspot.com. One of the best fiction, I have ever read. a source of great inspiration. Keep it up dude.
4. http://www.exotic.wordpress.com. just to check who all fell into the trap today. Lolz…

Four people I am tagging
No one tagged me, nor am gonna tag anyone. Do it, if you feel like. Take my word, its fun….. Cheers!!!!!

3 responses to “Tag-o-Tania

  1. gol gappes are water balls??.. thats news lolz.. pata lag raha hai phoren return hai 🙂

    Andaz apna apna is my fav too 🙂

    toi.com .. lolz.. gud reasons to read paper 😛

    Nice… ans hillarious 🙂

  2. hey glad to see u back actually i was wonderin where did u vanish!!!!!
    was so happy to c u back in my blog…..
    i tagged but i din know u have already done this one….. 😀

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