Well, I was again falling into one of my analytical moods….where I always find myself not doing the best I could do, where I am not utilizing/enjoying my life to the fullest extent possible, where I crave for more, and more and more. Just doing some random blog surfing, came across this picture…and feel a lot better now….


Indeed, Life is a chaos….And we need to embrace it, enjoy it……And NOTHING ELSE MATTERS……..

2 responses to “Rejuvenation…..

  1. No, life I feel has order too, has pattern too, if you look closely. It is not all that chaotic. Simply calling it random is the easy way out and lot of our life is in our control

  2. “There is an order in chaos as well”. I agree. And, as Dumbledore said, we are the choices we make. Its our decisions, minor or inconsequential, as they may seem, that determine the course of our lives. But, sometimes, there is nothing you can do. And at such times, this “easy way out” is perhaps the best way out.

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