Dunno wat was going on in ma mind…..when i wrote this one..

Shiv tha main, karta tha taandav vinash ka
bam bana daala insaan ne, ab yeh naach gaana kis kaam ka
parampita kehte the sab, garv tha mujhe is sammaan ka
aaj khud ka pita pada vriddhaalaya mein, jagatpita inke kis kaam ka

kar rahe hain nasha bech pita ki asthiyaan
baap to fir bhi kaam aaya, bhagwan kahan is kaam ka
bhagwa khoon hindu ka, hara hai musalmaan ka
lahoo se tilak laga leta gujarat, chandan roli kis kaam ka

na kabhi janma tha, na kabhi mara tha
janambhoomi ko le lad rahe, ghar ka mandir bhara kabaad ka
uthte hi sabse pehle leta tha roz woh naam mera
ab kothon par khulti hain aankhein, allah rahim, ram kis kaam ka

chot lagti thi usko, chadhaata tha chadar mere dwaar par
woh nanha thithur raha odhe neela aakash, yeh 200 crore ka mandir kis kaam ka
dhara banaai thi maine ki phool khilenge gulshan gulshan
par kaante hi bas uga paaya, mera hona bhagwan kis kaam ka……

11 responses to “Bhagwan

  1. Very well written, yaar! But your frustapa is because you are misinterpretting God. There’s a difference between faith and religion: faith mein you have complete belief on God, abjectly ask him for something and receive it; in religion you have everything but true belief, only mimic the customs around you.

    Ishwar, Bhagwaan, God, Khuda, Allah, they are all the same. pata nahin kyon itni chill si baat samjhne ke liye logon ke pass intelligence nahin!

  2. well, come to think of it, I was expressing my “frustapa” over mankind rather than “God”. But now that u hv broached upon it, I wud lyk to add, religion and faith are indeed two very different concepts but still I don’t believe in any one more than the other….

  3. well.. coming from a self-confessed ‘crap’ writer that you are.. this one was… well… quite difficult to digest.
    i mean, one doesnt suspect such works to pop into you face when one clicks on your blog’s link.
    but that, in no way whatsoever, makes this work of yours insubstantial or worthless. in fact, it it really makes one stop, read, reread and ponder…
    n now that u hav mentioned.. religion and faith ARE indeed different n i can perfectly understand when one dsnt believe in a any particular religion.. but not having faith is somethong i cant digest!!!
    its not necessary to have faith in God or any higher power as such… one can have faith in his/her own self too!!

    p.s.- this is the first time im commenting but i hav been following ur blog for quite a while now..

  4. @vithi
    ahh….I wrote this one around three years ago and by that time I hadn’t found my real talent was in crap…[:)}

    I agree about having faith in oneself….I just don’t have faith in “GOD”.

  5. ohkkk…

    hmm.. so u do have some faith.. thats good news.
    but m surprised to learn that when the potentially impotent crap of urs gets the honour of being posted on the blog asap then pray why did this abstract and such a contemplative work was kept under wraps for so long?
    afraid that ur frnz or readers wont approve of it??

  6. @vithi
    hmmm… i afraid that my frnz or ma readers won’t approve it….? Maybe yes, mayb not….well, frm my readers, I am not. I never forced them to read my blog, so its their choice whether they want to continue reading or not….but yes I am a little afraid frm my “frenz”…in the past I hav had to face heavy criticism about some of the “non-crappy” posts of mine….tho I don’t give much of a damn about it….sometimes it just deflates your spirit (these few weakness make me human…otherwise I am sure i am divine…..)

    Though we all may say that we write cuz we like to…and thats the truth…… still a motivation is always required…..

    Anyways, thinking over, somewhere I feel that you are right…..Thnx.

  7. hmmm… gud wrk as usual…. bt ur anger is still d same n luks lyk u vr really angry wen u wrote dis 1…. as if it ws written after some communal war or somthing?

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